The First Commercial Flight In History

Thanks to the Wright Brothers, there have been countless flights that have been and  will be recorded. The Wright Brothers pioneered airplane in 1903, which is why we now have them as a mode of transportation. It is likewise important to take note that first commercial aviation in the history.

When Was The First Commercial Flight Took Place?

The first commercial flight took place in the United States, on January 1, 1914. It is three years before the U.S. joined the First World War. The first commercial flight took place in St. Petersburg going to Tampa. The flight had a total of 23 minutes. The plane used had an altitude of 15 feet all across the open waters of the bay, as opposed to the higher altitudes like the flights nowadays.

the first ever commercial flight was a Benoist XIV
The first ever commercial flight was a Benoist XIV

The name of the plane that was used for the first ever commercial flight was a Benoist XIV. It has two seats and a small flight deck. It was piloted by a man named Tony Jannus, alongside one passenger. On that inaugural flight, there was an auction for the passenger seat of the plan. People started bidding huge sums of money for the airplane’s only seat.

The winner of the passenger seat of the first commercial flight was Mr. Abram Pheil. Mr. Pheil paid a total price of $400. In present days, it would be more than $5000. Mr. Pheil was St. Petersburg’s former town mayor. He was very much eager to try the flight.

However, the price of commercial aviation has been high not until after the Second World War. The U.S. had made plants to manufacture commercial airplanes, and made them capable and affordable enough for everyone to experience air travel. Indeed, it was the first step in the aviation era. Nowadays, we enjoy air travel more than before. It makes transport easier and faster for many people.

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