The First Business To Offer Commercial Trips At Sea

The Black Ball Line was the pioneer in commercial ship trips. When the famous New York-Liverpool packets came out in 1816, it led the voyage. The Black Ball Line was founded by Isaac Wright, Francis and Jeremiah Thompson, Benjamin Marshall and other colleagues. The ships that were originally belong to the line were the Courier, Amity, James Monroe and the Pacific. Then, they were followed by the Eagle, Orbit, New York, James Cropper, William Thompson, Nestor, Canada, Albion and Thompson.

The Black Ball Line was the first liner to offer commercial trips

In the first ten years of service, The Black Ball Line carried passengers with an average of 23 days outward, and 40 days when westward. The fastest passage outward done by Canada within 15 days and 18 hours. The total average journeys of Canada were 19 days outward and 36 days homeward. It was the best trips at the time.

Who Were The Captains Of The Black Ball Line?

It was believed that some of the captains of the Black Ball Line have commanded privateers during the war that broke out in 1812. The captains where the finest men whose career spoke for themselves. They were worth every money and they were entrusted the lives of the men and women who went on the journey with the Black Ball Line.

When it comes to the Transatlantic service, the Black Ball Liner has sailed rain or shine. Even it blows high or blows low, the ships of the Black Ball Liner never failed to bring great service.

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