The First Communist Country

The first communist country was Russia. However, before becoming a Communist nation, Russia was czarist. For many centuries, Russia was under a ruling monarchy that grasped total control and power among its people. The monarchy was known as the Romanov Dynasty.

Czar Nicholas II, along with his wife, has thwarted the change toward democracy. In those years, other countries were starting to implement democracy as the major form of government. The lower classes in Russia have long suffered in poverty, not to mention the immense losses the country has suffered during World War II. That said, the decision of the Czar made him highly unpopular.

This came in amidst the extravagant lifestyle the monarchy had, while the people struggled even with the most basic commodities. In February 1917, a war broke out in Russia, leaving it in utmost catastrophe. Lives were lost and famine was imminent. Russia has turned chaotic as plants closed resulting to loss of jobs.

Though the army was sent to handle the outrage and chaos, many of the soldiers leaned toward the defectors and the workers. They have chosen the common people instead of the Romanovs. Approximately 150,000 soldiers joined the massive demonstration, now known as the February Revolution.

The situation went south so quick that the military completely lost control. This left Czar Nicholas II with no support coming from the military. He renounced the throne, and the newly formed Russian Provisional Government took over. It marked the end of the Romanov Dynasty and gave way to the rise of Communism.

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