The First On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Mobile Phone

Despite the continuing advancement of Samsung and Apple to produce high-end Smartphone units, it appears that Vivo had surpassed them with their latest creation. The reason is that this Chinese-based mobile phone maker will be releasing the first on-screen fingerprint scanner in its mobile phone in the just a few months.

According to the report of, the upcoming Vivo smart phone will have a fingerprint scanner within its main screen and this feature come out even before the introduction of the upcoming Samsung Note 8 and iPhone 8 on the market, as stated by Jiutang Pan.

Pan is a researcher and shared his knowledge about it through Android Authority.

Based on the shared information about the newest Vivo phone, its fingerprint scanner on the screen becomes invisible. Pan actually shared a video about the upcoming device to allow the public witness the latest feature of the newbie Chinese phone maker.

Although Vivo is not that popular compared to Samsung and Apple, it continues to gain recognition worldwide because of producing quality mobile and smart phones on the market.


Credit image/video: YouTube

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