The First Safety Razor Blade Manufacturer

We all know that a razor is a kind of tool made of blade and utilize it to remove or clean the unwanted hair in the body. Today, a few of the most popular options include the electric-powered razors, disposable razors and the available straight razors. Regardless of what option we choose, it is always important that we feel comfortable using it and enjoy the kind of shaving result we need.

Of course, most of us knew that using a razor started back in 18,000 B.C. as detailed on the shared information about the history. Many living in the Bronze Age communities had been using razor blades before and until our generations these days. If we talk about the first safety razor blade manufacturer, this is The Gillette Company and introduced their own patent shaving products in September 28, 1901 called the safety razors and incorporated with the American Safety Razor Company.

King C. Gillette founded this Massachusetts-based company back in 1901 and is now under the ownership of Procter & Gamble (P&G) after their mergence in 2005. Since then, they had been producing quality safety razor products on the market and this led them to achieve success.

As what the tagline of the company says, “The Best a Man Can Get.”

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