The First Rollerblade In-line Skates

Scott Olson and Brennan Olson introduced the first rollerblade company back in 1980 in Minnesota. It was actually incorporated as Ole’s Innovative Sports in 1982 under the sporting goods industry.

The Olson brothers discovered something intriguing from the older version of the in-line skate and so they decided to improve the designs for the benefit of the users, particularly for the hockey players.

After they were able to complete the designs and features, they then decided to manufacture the first Rollerblade in-line skates in their hometown. During that time, they observe that countless of hockey players as well as skiers who are enjoying their time on the streets.

Based on the shared information online, despite the existence of many rollerblade manufacturers worldwide, Rollerblade Inc. remains in top of the industry. Furthermore, it developed other products with heel brake feature known as the Active Brake Technology (ABT).

To date, the company has almost 116 authorized trademarks and 200 patent products on the market.


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