The First Published English Dictionary

Robert Cawdrey wrote the first published English dictionary in 1604 known as Table Alphabeticall.  Many have thought that Samuel Johnson is the first person who wrote an English dictionary, but the creation of Cawdrey came even before they introduce the work of Johnson almost 149 years ago.

We all know that English is one of the most complicated and fascinating languages to discover and it evolves constantly to provide the exact vocabulary. This is the exact reason why the dictionary of Robert Cawdrey became influential for the past centuries and many aspiring writers made it an inspiration to publish modern dictionaries with full of English language expression.

According to history, the Table Alphabeticall contains almost 2,534 interesting words and its intention is to benefit countless of men, women and even unskilled individuals before. Robert does not intend to produce a comprehensive dictionary; rather, to provide a helpful guide to educate the readers about the English words they use many years ago.

In addition, Cawdrey was able to utilize some list of words from the works of Edmund Coote (Schoole-masiter – 1596) and Richard Mulcaster (Elementary). For those who still do not know, Robert is also a former clergyman from a church in England and a known schoolmaster.


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