The First Amusement Park in North America – Coney Island Sea Lion Park

The first permanent amusement park in the North America is the Coney Island Sea Lion Park and created on July 4, 1895 and by Paul Boyton in Brooklyn. He made an effort to fence the almost 16-acre theme park and charge the visitors as part of the guidelines before they can enter.

The setup utilized almost 22-acre of the entire place and include some of the most interesting attractions such as the Carnival of Venice Fireworks, Shoot the Chutes ride, Elephant Hotel and Flip-Flap Railway (first looping roller coaster in the United States), among others. It also has more than 40 lions trained for different events and the aquatic inventions of Boyton.

During the first day, the amusement park accommodated at least 10,000 guests and less than expected. On the other hand, it continues to attract more visitors within the next few days and according to history, it accommodated almost 120,000 visitors after two weeks.

The Coney Island Sea Lion Park does not exist anymore but it truly influenced many other amusement parks in the United States and around the globe.


Credit image: Bettmann/CORBIS

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