The First Inventor of Motorcycle Helmet

We all know that a motorcycle helmet is a very important for the safety of the rider in case of a motorcycle crash or road incident. Without wearing the right helmet, the person who drives or rides the motorcycle can obtain head injury because of not securing himself or herself.

Do you know the first inventor of a motorcycle helmet? After the deadly motorcycle accident of T.E Lawrence in May 19, 1935, the issue about wearing proper helmet went out because he obtained a serious head injury that time. Unfortunately, his injured head is the reason why he died after suffering from a 6-day unconscious condition. In 1953, Professor C.F. Lombard created the first helmet for riders who are riding high speed motorbikes to help prevent more deaths on the road.

Lombard is from the University of South Carolina and the helmet he created features 2-layer pads and a hard outer shell to protect the head. With his invention, it influenced many companies to produce different types of safety helmets and he became part of the history. In 1954, Roy Richter made a decision to design a new helmet known as the Bell 500.


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