The First Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by Samsin Innotek

For the past few years now, we had been seeing different types of Bluetooth speakers on the market and they all seem impressive. Of course, the designs, colors, shapes, qualities and brands vary from one product to another. There are also various companies that are both existing offline and online so that interested buyers can discover them conveniently.

Did you know when and what is the first wireless Bluetooth sold in the market? Well, the company that produced this kind of product is the company known as Samsin Innotek in 1999. However, this Korean-based company already exists in 1972 and popular because of creating different quality headphones and earphones.

The first wireless Bluetooth speakers feature great elements such as individual rechargeable Li-polymer battery for each speaker and compatible when using a mobile phone or a Bluetooth device to play music. According to the information about this particular electronic device,  they last up to 8 hours of playing after full charging of 3 ½ hours.

For a pair of these speakers, you spend about $138 and this is just a fair value.


Credit image: GIZMODO

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