The First Discovered Fossil Rainforest Aged 300 Million Years

Based on the information from the research published in Geology, environmental experts discovered the first rainforest in the world in Illinois coalmine. According to history, it is now more than 300 million years old and known as the Carboniferous rainforest.

When talking about the different elements that exist here, it has massive club mosses, various distinctive plants, abundant shrubs, with over 40-meter towering tree ferns, tree-sized horsetails and more. The people behind this stunning discover involve Dr. Howard Falcon-Lang who is from the University of Bristol in UK and some colleagues from the United States.

They are working in a coalmine underground in Illinois when they discovered this untamed rainforest. According to Dr. Howard, the experience passing through the mine while riding an armoured vehicle is amazing. They were able to drive below the surface about 100 meters down and revealed the stunning beauty of the fossilized forest in the coalmine.

Based on the information they published in Geology (by the Geological Society of America), the forest is about 10,000 hectares or 25,000 acres and this is the largest fossil rainforest to discover in the plant.


Credit image: Illinois Times

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