The First Track and Field Winner in Olympic Games

According to history, it was in 776 BC when they held the first Olympic Games, Greece and the only included athletic game is the track and field. However, it is not the usual running competition just like today because the runners before are competing for the Stadion footrace. They actually consider the event as a religious festival and the other running events include Dolichos and Diaulos.

Based on the information shared about the origin of track and field, the first winner of the event is Koroibos. He is a cook who lives near the EIlis City and declared the first ever runner to win the Olympic Games in history. To prove that the winners receive their awards during that era, there are discovered evidences of bronze tripods at the Olympia and are dated back in 9th century BC.

In 1986, the decided to establish a modern era of the Olympic Games in Athens and this gives the track and field competition a new dimension and guideline. During that time, they were able to invite runners from other parts of the world to compete in different athletic events.


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