The First Adjustable Dental Chair – Creation of Josiah Flagg

There are people who immediately check the ambiance and facilities of a dental clinic upon entering the place. They actually do this to feel comfortable while having a transaction with the dentist and show awareness on the importance of cleanliness. Of course, one of the most inspected facilities inside the clinic is the dental chair.

Did you know who created the first adjustable dental chair in the world? According to history, the person responsible for this creation is Josiah Flagg and invented this dental chair in 1790. Flagg is American dentist who created the chair with a headrest to keep the patient comfortable while doing the dental procedure. On the other hand, the adjustment of the chair is only minimal and it needs more improvement.

Nevertheless, his invention is the beginning of dental chairs’ evolution and British dentist James Snell created the next improved adjustable dental chair in 1867. Since then, the first creation of Flagg inspired many dentists to think of better ideas on how to continue improving the different dental chairs of today.

59 thoughts on “The First Adjustable Dental Chair – Creation of Josiah Flagg

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