The First Gasoline-Powered Automobile

We all know that there are now countless of car makers in the world and they continue to flourish because many people are buying and using them for everyday use. Yet before the modern-day vehicles came out, there are already invented vehicles in the past centuries that benefit millions of people before.

If we talk about the first gasoline-powered automobile, the creator of this vehicle is Karl Benz back in 1885. He created a one-cylinder 2-stroke engine to operate the vehicle and introduced it in 1879 before it became available in public after a few years. His invested automobile features three wired-spoke wheels and with a two seats for the passengers.

They recognize this first gasoline-powered vehicle as the Benz Patent Motor Car and introduced on January 29, 1886, according to history. It was in July of the same year when it came out from the different newspapers and people discovered such remarkable invention by Karl Benz.


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