The First Bullet Train in the World – Japan’s Shinkansen

When talking about the advancing technology of our transportation means, we cannot deny that Japan is one of the best countries in the world that creates impressive ideas. To prove this, the Japanese technology created the first bullet train in the world more than five decades ago.

They introduce the Shinkansen in public back in October 1, 1964 and this is the first bullet train that operated in Japan from Tokyo up to Osaka that time.  Since then, it began to expand and now travelling almost 2,764 kilometers and with maximum speed of 240-320 kilometers per hour, according to the recorded data online.

This Japanese National Railways (JNR) is responsible for the operation of this train is it passes through the first high-speed rail network in the world recognized as “yume no chotokkyu” or “Super Express of Dream.” Fumihiro Araki got an opportunity to drive the Shinkansen back in 1967 when he is still training to work as a railway engineer in Japan.

To date, this railway transit is continuously serving millions of passengers in the Japan and saving more than $5 billion a year because of not losing much time.



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