The First Person Executed with Electrocution or Electric Chair

In the history of America, the first person executed in electrocution or electric chair is William Kemmler. They executed him on August 6, 1890 in New York because of murdering Matilda “Tillie” Ziegler using an axe or hatchet. According to the shared information online, Ziegler is her lover and her death helped the courthouse to sentence Kemmler as a convicted murderer.

The executed murderer is a known alcoholic in their place in Buffalo and a supplier of vegetables whose father owns a butcher shop. The killing incident happened on March 29, 1888 when Kemmler is still recovering from alcohol and struck her partner using an axe to death. The most intriguing behavior of Kemmler is that he even revealed to his neighbor on what he did to Tillie.

After sentencing him to death or electrocution, they changed his cloth on the execution day with the provided suit before entering the chamber. An electric chair awaits Kemmler inside the prison in Auburn, New York for his execution, as detailed on the shared online information.

During the execution process, he was strapped tightly and covered his head with a black piece of clothing. They electrified him using almost 20,000 volts of electricity and this triggered his entire body to absorb the electricity until he died.  They actually needed a second execution to confirm his death because the power went off and the convicted murderer remains alive after the first attempt.


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