The First Invented Swiss Wristwatch

It is definitely true that many of us are wearing different types of wristwatches. Some of us may even invest for the most luxurious items because they have money to spend or as part of their precious jewelry collections. On the other hand, not many of us knew about the humble origin of the invention of an important timepiece like a wristwatch.

If we talk about the first invented Swiss Wristwatch, this came in 1868 through the effort of Antoni Patek and produced by Patek Phillppe. According to history, the intention of creating this historic timepiece is to offer it to Hungarian woman Countess Koscowicz. The objective of creating this first ever wristwatch is to provide a timekeeping wrist device and appeared like an ornament accessory or jewelry only.

Based on the information about the history of the wristwatches also, it may be as early as 1570 when they began using them as pocket watches before the development of wearing them on the wrist in 1868. However, this still needs confirmation to prove the information.

The offered wristwatch to Countess Koscowicz is undoubtedly the first ever wrist watch created by Patek Phillippe. This historic watch features some modern elements already and adopted until today in producing high quality wristwatches in the world. To prove this, there are countless of popular watch manufacturers on the market that offer both affordable and luxurious items.

According to that in 1880, Girard-Perregaux started to reveal its Swiss wristwatches designed for German military only. The appearance of the watches looks very masculine and suited for men in military uniforms. Since then, the popular Swiss watch manufacturer thought about designing various types of watches as part of the continuing development of the wristwatch industry since the first creation of Patek Philippe.

For those who did not know yet, Patek Phillippe transpired when Antoni Patek made a decision to collaborate with Jean-Adrien Phillippe. From the shared information online through, both personalities got an opportunity to meet and talked back in 1844 at the World’s Fair in Paris, France.  Patek is convinced that the popular French watchmaker can help him achieve success because of his immense skills in creating quality wristwatches and pocket watches.

With their continuing success as business partnered, they were able to expand their venture by including Vincent Gostkowski on May 15, 1845 and naming the company Patek & Co. This latest collaboration made them popular because they were already producing wristwatches that feature crown winding and adjusting mechanism and later on introduced the element called minute repeater, as detailed by the shared information.

From Patek & Co., they again renamed the company to Patek Philippe & Co. on January 1, 1851. Since then, they had been producing the best wristwatches and continued gaining popularity across the globe.

However, the industry of watch needs to survive because of the creation of different mobile and smart phone devices lately. We cannot deny that these available technological gadgets are capturing the interest of millions of consumers worldwide. This is the reason why many watchmakers are now developing new timepieces that can meet the satisfaction of the people and invest money for them.

Nevertheless, the first ever created wristwatch from Patek Philippe helped in beginning the era of electronic mechanism back in 1868. To date, the popular Swiss watches manufacturer already has a museum in Geneva, which they opened on November 8, 2001. They display their most precious items back in the 16th century until the modern days.

This just proved the continuing success of the company and their available items on the market worldwide are worthy to invest.


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