The First Man-Made Swimming Pool in History – Great Bath

For the past many years, millions of people worldwide had been enjoying their time with their family members during the month of summer. The reason is that they love visiting the different inland resorts with relaxing swimming pools, especially those who are far away from beach resorts.

Of course, we know how beautiful the different available swimming pools out there. However, many of us might not be familiar on where is the first swimming pool in history created.

According to history, the first man-made swimming pool in the world is created in Pakistan and they recognized it as the Great Bath. The overall design of the pool features bricks, stones and Bitumite tar. They actually discovered in back 1926, but already existed since 2500 B.C.  The shared information about this first swimming pool is that people from the Indus Valley utilized the pool for spiritual bath and not for typical swimming.

The exact location of the Great Bath is at the Mohenjo-daro in Sindh, Pakistan.  During that time, they consider this man-made pool as an elaborate and sophisticated venue for bathing as opposed to the modern swimming pools these days.

It is also believed that the first created swimming pool for lap bathing originate from Rome back in the 1st century B.C. as detailed from the information online. The designer is Gaius Maecenas (a known wealthy Roman Lord during that time) and the pool features a heating unit to keep the water warm. Unfortunately, his creation did not achieve the kind of recognition they expect and this is the reason why it was not a popular creation like the other ancient pools such as those created in the 19th century.

From the information published online through also, it was revealed that even back in the 1920s, there are already private swimming pools from wealthy families such as the Neptune Pool from the mansion of William Randolph Hearst in California. According to the information, they created it for household pool and they based the overall design with Roman and Greek concept. In addition, the goal of the design is to grab the interesting of American public and they prove this when some popular directors of Hollywood show interest to it.

Going back to the first man-made swimming pool in the world, the Great Bath also features a decent size of 39-feet by 32-feet. Again, the history revealed that they did not use this for typical bathing, although the ancient Romans and Greeks are building swimming pools for different athletic competitions, military exercises and nautical games, among others. In addition, there are swimming pools for the Roman emperors with intriguing elements.

As for the ancient Greece, the people here started to have and use swimming pools back in 700 B.C. and they enjoy public bathing. As quoted by, the infamous Philosopher Plato from Greece once said, “a man is not learned until he can read, write and swim.” During that era, Ancient Greek bathing is a favorite activity during hot months.

The history of the first swimming pool or water tank is truly remarkable to discover. The Great Bath is already in existence almost 5000 years ago and it is part of the historical ancient world.

Today, we can discover countless of swimming pools across the globe and they feature different concepts and designs. If we talk about the biggest created swimming pool in the world, the Guinness World Records recognized the San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool. This pool measures about 3,323 (in length), 3.5 meter (n depth) and 20 acres (in span), according to the information shared through The location is at Algarrobo in Chile and completed in 2006 (December).


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