The First Ever World Cup Host Country

For those who are not familiar yet, the first ever FIFA World Cup matches happened back in 1930 and the first host country is Montevideo City in Uruguay. This is actually the initial matches for the international scene and Jules Rimet played a huge role in the success of this football tournament almost 87 years ago. During that time, the organizers invited 13 competing teams to join the inaugural football tournament.

Jules Rimet is the FIFA President back then and he became instrumental in the continuing success of this particular sporting event these days.

According to history, the first ever World Cup matches held in Uruguay as the host country happened back in July 13, 1930. The first competing teams include France and Mexico wherein the French team defeated the Mexicans 4-1. The other matchup featured the United States and Belgium wherein the Americans defeated their rivals 3-0.

Despite the opposition of the football players in Europe to choose Uruguay as the first host country for the World Cup inaugural games, the country remains the top choice to host the scheduled matchups from July 13-30, 1930. The country is somehow good option to consider because it is one of the top contenders in the history of football for winning the gold medals of the Paris Olympics (1924) and Amsterdam Olympics (1928).

From the 13 invited football teams to compete in the first FIFA World Cup tournament, 4 teams came from Europe, 7 teams from South Africa and 2 teams from the United States. When talking about the first football player to score the first ever World Cup goal, he is Lucien Laurent from the French team.

The organizers divided the participating teams into four and after concluding the event, they declared the winners of the tournament. The Uruguay football team won the championship, Argentina is the runner-up, United States obtained the third spot and Yugoslavia got the 4th spot. The almost 2-week international tournament played almost 18 matches.

The stadium they used that time in Montevideo City includes the Estadio Parque Central, Estadio Centenario and Estadio Pocitos. From these three stadiums, the biggest one is the Estadio Centenario because it can accommodate up to 90,000 spectators and very significant for the Uruguayans for the celebration of 100th year of independence. According to the shared information also, Juan Scasso designed the stadium and the government of Uruguay for the first ever World Cup here.

Based on the information about this tournament through, many players from Europe did not participate because of depression in the country and these people are afraid of losing their jobs if they will compete in Uruguay and return to their country after almost two weeks. This is one reason why football teams from England, Spain, Germany and Italy decided not to participate during that time.

Despite of this, the first ever World Cup host country proved its worth by beating Argentina in the finals with the final score of 4-2 in front of almost 93,000 fans inside the massive venue. Because of the absents of the European teams that time, Uruguay did not sent their team at the 1934 World Cup as a sign of boycotting them as well.

In year 1934, Italy hosted the first tournament of World Cup with qualification stage wherein 16 teams competed, as detailed through Again in the 1938 World Cup in Europe, the Uruguayan football team did not participate as they continue to boycott them. That time, Uruguay got the sympathy of Argentina and South American teams because they also did not join the tournament.

To show the dominance Uruguay, they again conquer the 1950 World Cup championship against Brazil held in Rio de Janeiro that year.


Credit images: Daily Express & FIFA

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