Shure Vagaband 88 – The First Ever Wireless Microphone for Performers

When talking about wireless microphones today, they are surely enormous in numbers and available in different brands on the market. These items are actually becoming useful these days because more and more people are investing for them for their everyday usages.

If you are not yet familiar about the technology of a wireless microphone, this is actually a small technological device that has the capacity to transmit audio signals through radio waves to make the microphone functional. To make sure it produces the exact sound quality, it is important to connect the other audio equipment or system.

Of course, there is definitely the first ever created wireless microphone for performers in the world and this is where all started. According to history, the first wireless microphone for this type of category is the Shure Vagaband 88 and introduced the device first back in 1953. They creator of this particular microphone is Shure Incorporated and Sidney N. Shure is the founder of the company.

From the information shared about this Illinois-based company, it continues to produce quality and professional microphones, earphones, mixers, phone cartridges, and other audio manufactured devices on the market. Since it introduced the first ever wireless microphone, the company gained impressive recognition and releasing its products across the globe for the past 92 years already.

The evolution however has a lot of things to reveal the world because there are different people and businesses that claim to be the first ever inventor of a wireless microphone in history. According to the information through, a radio microphone is created by Reg Moores in 1949 and utilized is first during the “Alladin on Ice.”

In year 1952 also, another device came out known as the FM wireless microphone and created by John F. Stephens. They use the device for a musical show intended for the Navy that time held at the Memphis Naval Base. Stephen however became more popular that time because the US government under the Secret Service agency made a decision to improve his created microphone for their “bugging operations,” the shared information added.

In year 1957, another German-made wireless microphone came out under the manufacturing of Sennheiser. The company introduced its own wireless microphone that time with the Norddeuscher Rundfunk (NDR). In that same year also, American electrical engineer Raymond A. Litke introduced another wireless lavalier microphone, which they use when instructing the students inside the classroom. In May 1961, He made a decision to patent his first practical wireless microphone system.

Going back to the first wireless microphone for performers, it actually helped started the continuing development of the other available wireless microphone devices on the market today. To prove this, Shure became more dominant in terms of producing different audio devices and equipment since it began the business in 1925.

Besides the Shure Vagaband 88, they also introduced the SM57 in 1959, SM58 and started developing the L-Series in year 1990. The company is also popular because of producing various portable mixers such as the FP31 and the M67.

From the information about the first ever wireless microphone for performers, it can function within 700 square feet and must be within 15 feet from its main receiver for its line of distance.

To date, there are countless of available wireless microphones that even feature inventive elements such as Bluetooth and built in speakers. Of course, the competition of the different manufacturers is becoming tighter and so they want to product the best products with premium quality.

As for the other audio manufacturers like Sony, the company began to introduce its own wireless microphone in 1974 and continuously improving the devices they offer just like Shure Incorporated.


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