Laufmaschine or Draisine – The First Bicycle Invented by Karl Drais

When we discuss about the history of bicycle making in the world, there are actually different claims and credits to think about way back in the 1800s. The evolution of the different bicycles in history is remarkable because there are people who truly gave their best to invent the most suitable one as years pass by.

According to history, it was Karl Drais who invested the first ever bicycle in the world and this is also recognized as the Running Machine (Laufmaschine) then popular in English as Draisine and in French as Drainsienne. Karl developed this type of bicycle as a 2-wheeled human vehicle to use it as an early transportation mean with archetype design.

Karl Drais is also known as Karl Friedrich Christian Ludwig Feiherr who is born in Germany on April 27, 1785. His early creation of a 2-wheeled transportation vehicle is actually made of softwood and wood (from Cherry Tree). Because of this, it definitely made is bicycle creation an interesting and impressive one.

Based on the information about this German native, he is a famous inventor in his time because aside from inventing the Laufmaschine, he is also responsible in inventing a typewriter with a functional keyboard back in 1821. Karl also invented other interesting machines such as a wood-saving cooker and a grinder for meat before.  He actually has other interesting inventions during his prime.

Because of his remarkable investing skills, he was recognized as a German Baron, which is an honorary title because of heredity in recognizing an important person.

When talking about the interesting history of bicycle, there are shared data online from different websites that there are even early inventions of this kind of human transport service. However, records show that the invention of the German Baron Von Drais is the most accepted first ever bicycle in the world. There are actually revealed differing versions of the bicycles and all of them seems to have contributed to the continuing evolution of these types of transportation means.

In April 6, 1818, history revealed that there is also a similar invention used during the Flintstones era and became part of the stories of folklores in the past years. In year 1839, there is a new version that already features pedals and with the capacity of propulsion movement.

In year 1970, the Penny Farthing came out and invented by Stanley that is the first bicycle with functional gears. In year 1974, Stanley again created a bicycle with gears and wheels with spokes already. Later on, they invented a unit that features a bike with chain for better movement and faster driving on the road.

Going back to the first ever bicycle invented by Baron Karl, he introduced it to the people on June 12, 1817 at the road of Mannheim in Germany. He was able to demonstrate his creation that time and explained about its features before a rider utilized it. According to the information through, the bike was able to complete an almost 8-9 miles round trip and did not even exceed an hour.

Surely, the invention of Drais achieved an impressive recognition worldwide even after 20 decades already. His invented bicycle that time is also dubbed as the Dandy Horse, although it is not a real horse.

There are surely different stories and records that can prove about people who designed and invented bicycles over the past years. Aside from Baron Karl, names like Pierre Michaux, Lu Ban, John Dunlop, Giovanni Fontana, Comte de Sicrac, Bone Shaker, Friedrich Fischer and Thomas Humber, among others. These people had been part of the historic evolution of bicycle manufacturing because they designed and invented the parts to make this 2-wheeled human transport service become more inventive.

Of course, Karl Drais remains as the most notable inventor of the first ever bicycle in the world.


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