Messerschmitt ME 262 – The First Operational Jet Fighter in History

From the given explanation about a jet airplane, the simplest term is that this is a type of flying unit with propulsion engine and not a typical propeller of a usual aircraft. As opposed to the other invested airplanes, a jet can achieve the highest possible altitude because its overall design suits best for this type of flying.

According to the history of jets, these are the most sophisticated inventions from the aeronautic technology because they travel longer, move faster and have the most inventive features.

When talking about the first ever jet fighter invented in the world, history revealed that this is the Messerschmitt Me 262 or also known as the “Storm Bird” or “Swallow” of Germany. This is the first designed jet plane with an impressive bomber and considered as the first jet-powered fighting aircraft in the world.

Its main role is to serve as a jet bomber and a fighter, which took its first ever flight back in April 18, 1941 using a piston engine known as the Junkers Jumo 210. With continuous development, this particular jet aircraft utilized the exact jet turbo engine already on July 18, 1942.

The formal inauguration happened in April of 1944.

The concept of designing and producing the ME 262 started even before the World War II. The delay of the production occurred because they discovered engine failures during that time. With an effort to complete the production, they were able to resolve the problem and make the unit fully operation in the middle of 1944 (July).

According to the records data, the main users involve the Luftwaffe Czechoslovak Air Force and Messerschmitt was able to built almost 1,430 units.

The ME 262 is one of the fastest, tougher and heavier jet fighter in history. During the historic World War II, the Germans presented this fighting and bombing aircraft as one of the most innovative-designed jet plane. It can perform light bombing, navigate during nighttime and serve as a reconnaissance unit.

The history of this first jet fighter in the world revealed that it successfully prevented almost 542 Allied jet fighters, but there are some claims that it shot down even more than this recorded figure.

From the shared information through, there is a revelation that the United States Military intelligence recovered the secret weapons of Nazi Germany in the final day of the WWII. According to the information, they were able to discover the Messerschmitt Me 262 as one of the hidden weapons of the Germans.

They were able to identify is as the first operational fighting jet with turbojet engine.

Even though the Allied forces during the WWII somehow dominated the fight, the presence of the ME 262 somehow changed the result of the battle. With its unlevel speed (540mph), it successfully defeated its counterparts to gain impressive recognition in the history of aeronautic technology.

There are some issues that the delayed order of Adolf Hitler that caused the late production of the ME 262 jet fighters. On the other hand, the National Air and Space Museum of Smithsonian proved that the engine failure is the real cause of the delayed production and not about the decision of Hitler.

During the actual war, the Allied jet planes had trouble dealing with the first-ever operational German jet aircraft because it can defeat any opposing bomber using its 30-milimeter cannons and broke many air formations that time.

From the shared information of Air Force Magazine also, it appears that the creation of Messerschmitt is better than the Lockheed P-80 of the United States and Gloster Meteor Fighter Jet of the Great Britain.

Germany retired the ME 262 aircraft in 1945, while the Czechoslovakia made the retirement in 1951.


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