Rudolf Diesel – The First Patent Diesel Engine Inventor

From the information about the history of the first diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel who first invented it and also recognized this engine as the Compression Ignition (CI) Engine. This is the reason why the named of such invention is after him and had been in existence in this world since 1892.

He actually invented and engine that features a constant temperature cycle, wherein he based his research through the famous Carnot Theory that time.

Rudolf Diesel is a native of Paris in France who grew up in Bavarian and became one of the most prominent inventor and mechanical engineer during his prime. With his impressive mathematic skills, he was able to become a successful engineer when he was still 14 years old. Because of unleveled talent when he is still studying, he is the number one student in their class for basic education. To pursue his dream and achieve success in no time, he made a decision to enroll in Augsburg’s industrial school.

According to the life information about Diesel, he obtained a scholarship grant to study at the Royal Bavarian Polytechnic of Munich and his educator is no other than Carl von Linde. Unfortunately, he failed to complete his studies because of his unwanted health condition. This is the exact reason why he then decided to complete his practical engineering experience by transferring to Switzerland and he achieved his goal.

In 1880, Rudolf finally graduated with high honors and when he went back to Paris, he work as an assistant of his former educator to design and create a modern ice plant and refrigeration. Diesel after few years became the Director of the established plant (MAN AG – a Munich-based iron manufacturing company) and became a married man that time.

Due to the restriction of not allowing him to patent the works of Carl von Linde, he made a huge decision to go beyond the industry of refrigeration and this is when he started to research about inventing a steam engine. Sad to say, he obtained serious injury when he made the test and needed to recover before trying his new invention to create a diesel engine.

Based on his research as published on some reliable websites online, he was able to determine the inefficiencies of a steam engine and this forced him to pursue his plan to invent the first diesel engine. On February 17, 1897, Rudolf managed to complete his invention and revealed the efficiencies of his invented Diesel Engine, which he patent for himself later on after his successful testing.

Although they consider Rudolf Diesel as the inventor of the first diesel engine, there are data or information that he just improved the existing diesel engine to the next level. They said that it was the engine of Herbert Akroyd Stuart alongside Sons of England and Richard Hornsby who invented the “Heavy-Oil-Engine,” they believe the first compression ignition engine.

On the other hand, Diesel was able to patent his invention through his name and awarded him the recognition to become the first inventor of such engine in history.

Since the introduction of the first-ever invented diesel-powered engine, the evolution of the automobile industry continues to succeed. Many are now using diesel vehicles because of fuel efficiency and better life span that those vehicles that runs with gasoline. Likewise, the price range is a far cheaper than when using gasoline or other type of costly petrol.

With our advancing technology also, there are now available turbo-diesel engines with modern features and impressed engineered vehicle parts. This is perhaps the reason why more and more people choose to invest for a diesel-powered vehicle to save money and with longer lifespan.


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