Discover the First and Oldest Ballpark in America – Fenway Park in Boston

If we discuss about one of the most favorite and oldest sports in the United States of America, this certainly includes baseball. According to the shared information about the history of this particular all-time American pastime, it started in the eastern region in late of 1700’s and beginning of 1800s. However, the information does not exactly specific the precise date on when it started.

According to history of baseball as explained on the shared information from expert baseball historians, Abner Doubleday is not the first founder of this kind of sporting event. They revealed that is Alexander Cartwright is the legitimate “baseball inventor” and one of the most influential Knickerbocker Base Ball Club member in the City of New York.

Cartwright then made a decision to introduce such sporting game in other areas, particularly in the western region of America. In 1846, they recorded the first baseball game and this is one year after he created a team. Since then, several places in the US began to show interest to watching and playing baseball and this led to its continuing popularity these days.

Did you know where the first baseball park venue in the world is? As detailed through ESPN, the Fenway Park in Boston is the oldest ballpark in America and in the Major Leagues, which opened back in 1912. They also recognize this particular ballpark as the Green Monster and until now, it has the hand-operated scoreboards in history of baseball and positioned on the wall (left field).

Surely, the Fenway Park did not change all its historic features and only implemented minor alterations that make it truly interesting to discover for millions of modern-day baseball fanatics. This is actually the home of the famous Boston Red Sox team and it continuously doing its commitment to the people as the oldest US-based ballpark in history.

From the information shared through, the Red Sox became an American League charter member in 1901 and rather than playing at the existing Boston Braves home that time, they decided to construct the Huntington Avenue Grounds in that same year. It became the home of the team for almost 10 years with a seating capacity of more than 11,000.

Because of the issues about embarrassment and potential fire incidents of the wooden baseball park, John Taylor (owner of Red Sox) made a decision to build the historic Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. As detailed from the shared information, they started the construction of the park in 1911 (month of September) and the value of the Red Sox increased because of the huge venue they have.

That time, Taylor decided to sell the Red Sox to Robert McRoy and Jim McAleer.

On April 20, 1912 after the completion of the Fenway, the team under their new owners played their first ever baseball game here versus the Highlanders (known as the New York Yankees today). Compared to the previous wooden ballpark, this historical venue accommodates more than 27,000 spectators and they built it using high quality materials to make it sturdier.

As detailed by the also, the measurement of this baseball park is about 321-foot left portion, 314-foot right portion, 488-foot center area, with a 10-foot left field fence embankment (Duffy’s Cliff).

This first baseball park venue in America has some drawbacks back in the 1920s when the management decided to transfer Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees and the more trades happened that time involving the other star players of the Red Sox. One more disappointing incident that occurred in May of 1926 is when the fire destroyed the left foul line bleachers. It was only in 1933 when they reconstructed the destroyed portion under the ownership of Thomas A. Yawkey who purchased the Red Sox that time. On that same year, they thought about of a major renovation to this historic ballpark and improved its seating capacity to almost 33,817 already.

To date, the Fenway Park remains as one of the most active and oldest baseball venues in America and across the globe. They existence of the Fenway Park Living Museum Fund Inc. likewise helped the entire venue to look beautiful because of the impressive preservations they made. They made an effort to restore some of the most historical materials and collections of the ballpark.


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