Point Cut – The First Developed Diamond Cutting in History

They say that the most precious as well as ultimate gemstone in the world is Diamond. Whether we like it or not, only few people in this world have the opportunity to own a piece of this luxurious and sparkling gem. This very sentimental or valuable item that a human being will not hesitate to have, regardless if it came from a special gift or a wedding ring.

Of course, this is not only popular because of its eternal beauty because it has a unique character, which makes it distinctive as opposed to the other gemstones in the world.

When discussing about the first developed diamond cutting in world, history revealed that this kind of procedure manifested back in the Middle Ages and recognized as “Point Cut.” According to the shared information about it, this procedure does not actually cut the Diamond because it involved consistent polishing to complete the exact octahedron shape of this precious gem.

With this kind of cutting technique, it keeps the natural appearance of the Diamond and improves its sparkling elements after completing the polish.

From the shared information through thediamondcuts.com, “Point Cut” had been in existence during the middle of the 14th century and gain popularity in the 15th-16th centuries. However, history revealed that there is no specific date on the exact usage of this type of cutting procedure. The information likewise revealed that they also recognized this kind of procedure as “Writing Diamonds” because it keeps the main substance of the gemstone based on the polishing.

Diamonds that feature a “Point Cut” procedure are very popular in different luxurious rings and they continue to grab the interest of millions of expensive jewelry lovers out there. Based on the recorded data also, there are already rich people during the Roman Empire who are wearing fashionable diamond rings without cutting the original share of this most extravagant gemstone.

Looking at the rich history of Diamonds, it was in India where they first discovered these types of expensive stones back in 800 BC. During the 327 BC, Alexander the Great was able to bring the first ever Diamonds from India heading to Europe. As years passed by, these particular gemstones continue to become popular and in year 1074, the first diamond jewelry became part of the crown, which they use to honor the queen in Hungary.

In year 1150, history revealed that Eleanor of Aquitaine might have brought the “Briolette of India” (a legendary 90.38-Carat Diamond) in England that time. Afterwards, the world discovered about the first developed Diamond cutting known as “Point Cut” in year 1375.

Again, this procedure does not cut the gemstone and restore its natural shape through polishing and cleaning the waste naturally. Because the existing original shape is octahedral or also recognized as eight-sided, they only need to polish it and not removing any part of the stone. A Diamond features solid or hard substance that is difficult to break and so the only way to keep its beauty is through polishing that time.

For that past many years now, we had been discovering various types of strategies when they cut Diamonds. Besides the first ever “Point Cut,” the other procedures they use include Table Cut, Rose Cut, Heart Cut, Emerald Cut, Pear Cut, Single Cut, Briolette Cut, Oval Cut, Baguette Cut, Old Mine Cut and Rose Cut, among others.

The interesting facts of Diamond cutting in the world truly signifies that beauty and importance of having this piece of luxurious gemstone on earth. Although not all of us can own one, learning about its rich history gives us a glimpse on where everything started before.


Credit image: Rob Lavinsky/iRocks.com






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