The First Vending Machine in Japan Invented by Tawaraya Koshichi

If we get the chance to visit different places worldwide where there are countless of tourists, we cannot deny that one of the most popular inventions we discover include the vending machines. Without any doubt, we can almost see these types of machines inside the workplaces, shopping centers, malls, main streets, fitness centers, convenience stores, various public transports and more.

Vending machines are almost everywhere in this planet and are millions already.

According to history, the Japanese are among the first people on earth who had utilized these types of machines. From the shared information through, the first-ever vending machine in Japan came to life in year 1888. The inventor is Tawaraya Koshichi, a known vendor of tobacco, artisan and an inventor who successfully patented his creation on that same year in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi Prefecture (formerly known as Bakan).

Koshichi is also the same person who invented the oldest vending machine in Japan and recognized, as “automatic stamp and postcard dispenser” and it still exist to date. According to, this is a type of machine made of wood that dispenses stamps, postcards and can also function as a mailbox. The design is very intriguing because of its elaborated frame with unique carvings.

However, the admiration of the Japanese in these machines started after the historic World War II (WWII) and even if the late 50s.

Since the creation of the first invented vending machine, Japan had seen a remarkable evolution of different types of vending machines in the country. From the shared information through also, one of the pioneer invention for this type of purpose is machine that dispense juice, which feature a fountain-like design. This successful machine had served many Japanese and allowed them to enjoy a cup of juice for only 10 Yen.

Due to the continuing progressive of the vending machine industry in the country, many companies had started to develop and produce their own units as part of the growing business in Japan. After the juice dispenser, the next machines they invented can already dispense beer and other liquefied drinks. In year 1964 up to 1970, the Japanese had been using nearly 240,000 machines based on the recorded data.

The progress continues because in year 1973, there are nearly 2 million units in the country and in 1984, the available vending machines in Japan are almost 5 million and counting. Without a doubt, this kind of achievement is unleveled and because the people here have superb discipline, they do not ruin or damage the units, unlike in other countries.

Japan is absolutely the best place to discover inventive vending machines.

Another very interesting factor about the vending machines here is that in a single machine, it can already offer different kinds of products and this is definitely beneficial for the consumers. They have the convenience to choose of what item they need to buy and the locations of these machines are very accessible.

Surely, the first-ever vending machine in Japan invented by Tawaraya Koshichi had changed the lives of millions of Japanese today. With the stunning technology of the country also, they were able to develop and invent more innovative machines that function with robotic features already. Companies that produce them have knowledgeable engineers who are capable of designing a vending machine that can even talk and walk.

The creation of the different vending machines many years proved their dependability and did not only benefit millions of Japanese for the past many years. To date, more and more of these units are becoming available in different countries and providing great convenience anytime of the day.

Regardless if a person needs to buy sodas, cigars, snacks, toiletries, dispense tickets or change mobile phones, these automated units can serve impressively.


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