The First Scientific Study for Dermatology by Geronimo Mercuriali

According to the published information online about dermatology, this kind of medical concept already started even before the 18th century ended. It deals about the issue on how to treat skin problems and on how humans can acknowledge its effectiveness for the right solutions.

History revealed that even during the ancient time in Egypt, the Egyptians are capable of treating and managing their skin through this type of branch of medicine or commonly known as dermatology. The Egyptians are very popular when it comes to presenting smooth and whiter skin complexion during their era. One of the most important natural substances they use is milk, which contains lactic acid for an effective skin care.

From the shared information online through dependable website references, the first scientific study for dermatology came from Geronimo or Girolamo Mercuriali in year 1572. His work is what they recognized the De Morbis Cutaneis or in English term in means “On the diseases of the skin.”

The native of Forli in Italy dedicated his work to find cures in treating the skin.

The findings of Mercuriali became an important era or beginning of the different studies in relating to the various diseases that can affect the skin of a human being. From his De Morbis Cutaneis, this likewise became the first ever textbook for the diseases of skin and compiled by Morton and Garrison in the historic medical bibliography, as detailed through online.

Of course, the first dedicated scientific work of the infamous Italian likewise started his interest in learning about the exact topographical classification. He divided his classification into a pair of elements:

  • Types of disease peculiar to the scalp  (premature calvities, defluvium, alopecia, canties and ophiasis)
  • Common diseases to the skin (involving color, bulk and texture)

According to the information shared through, other important people who had remarkable contributions in the world of dermatology include Jean Astruc whom they considered as the founder of modern dermatology (1684) and Francesco Bianchi who is the author of the first-ever complete modern dermatology textbook (1799), which greatly benefited many students who are taking up medicine.

When talking about the first great school of dermatology, history revealed that this is the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris, France. The founder of this hospital is King Henry IV back on May 17, 1607 and named after Louis IX who died in 1270 due to the devastating Tunis. To date, this hospital still exist and continuously sharing its historical story for the past many years.

As detailed through Wikipedia, Hôpital Saint-Louis has about 2,500 active workers and home of the popular INSERM (Institute of Research on Skin) as well as the Rene Tourine Foundation.

The overall concept of dermatology is about learning the hair, skin, sweat glands and various treatments. Meaning, this does not only focus in treating those people who have problems with acne and pimples. It has become a helpful ground in determining the history of the person also to learn about the exact treatment care. Like what most skin experts are saying these days, it is very similar to the industry of cosmetic because it aims to find better solutions to deal with the different types of problems affecting the skin of a person.

There are also experts who are continuously studying the available skin care products to determine if these are helpful to those who are using it or not. Whether we like it or not, the industry of cosmetics now is one of the biggest and most lucrative ventures in the world.

Geronimo or Girolamo Mercuriali is not only popular for his De Morbis Cutaneis. He is also a known physician, philologist and the responsible for the scientific learning of De Arte Gymanstica as well.


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