Swansea The Mount Railway Station – The First Recorded Passenger Railroad in the World

If we read the different information and facts about railways in the world, history revealed that these types of transportation means already existed many years ago. Perhaps the most intriguing story about railways before is that they utilized limestone groves and carts to transport as early as 600 BC.

That time, ancient people are already knowledgeable on using tracks to make sure their carts run properly when transporting different goods and materials from one place to another. However, things had change swiftly in this world due our advancing and modern technology, which improved everything we use and see.

When talking about the first recorded passenger railway station in the world, this is the Swansea The Mount Railway Station at Swansea in Wales, United Kingdom. As detailed through wikivisually.com, this particular station opened back on March 25, 1807 under the Oystermounth Railway. Although there are no specific descriptions about the exact physical appearance of The Mount, it remains in existence fronting the present Swansea Museum.

This historic railway is the first station that collects payment to the passengers.

They actually began constructing this railroad under the Act of Parliament of 1804. Its main purpose is to help people in transporting the limestone from Mumbles (quarry areas) going to Swansea. Afterwards, it will then move the items on the market to complete the business ventures that time.

After its full operation in 1807, they made a huge change in its operation when they decided to utilize the steam locomotion, instead of its usual horsepower. Before they close the station in January (1960), they again replaced the steam locomotion to using the electric-powered trams.

The closure of the Swansea The Mount Railway Station gave way to the introduction of the motor buses in the country and despite closing it, this railroad became the longest serving transportation mean in the world since they built it.

Without any doubt, a train station, railway or railroad is one of the most inventions we have in the world. This very important facility transports products, goods and people on a regular basis with great convenience. Because a train does not need to compete on a heavy traffic road, it makes the loading and unloading faster from one station to another within few minutes.

If look at the different stations worldwide, there are countries that built them underground, above the ground or even under the ocean. They have immediate intersecting rail lines for rapid transport system. Clearly, there have been remarkable improvements and renovations in terms of the available railway stations in the different countries.

Of course, the European region is the pioneer when it comes to the first-ever built railroads and that include the historic Swansea The Mount Railway Station in Wales, United Kingdom. The different train stations in the region truly proved the importance of having the fastest means of transportation for the benefit of the people, businesses and other necessities.

When talking about the railways in the world, there are other historical structures found in Euston (London), Glasgow Central (Scotland), Liverpool Street (London), Birmingham (London) and Baltimore (Maryland), among others to discover.

According to the shared information online, they were able to preserve a particular car (#2) used at The Mount before through the effort of the Leeds University in Yorkshire members. They kept it at the city of Swansea in Middleton Railway. Unfortunately, there are abusive people who vandalized the car and later on burned it.

The other preserved car (#7) is found at the Swansea Museum, but it is only the front end of the unit. Despite of this, history already marked them as one of the most important inventions on earth.


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