The First Patent Drinking Fountain or Water Cooler

Looking at many businesses, establishments and households today, they are using different types of machines or equipment such as the available water dispensers or coolers. These are actually important inventions because they can keep the water cold and making it very convenient for all the users.

Of course, this kind of self-service equipment can also offer hot water because some of the dispensers can release hot or cold water.

When talking about water coolers and drinking fountains, history revealed that these types of machines perhaps existed even during the Roman era back in 150 BC. However, the world only started to recognize them when the first patent drinking fountain came out in 1911. According to the published information through, the inventors of this water-cooling machine are Luther Haws and Halsey Willard Taylor.

Even though they started inventing it back in early of 1906, it was only after 5 years when they present it to the public after receiving the patent.

Since these two people invented the first recognized drinking faucet, this gave way to the creations of the different water coolers or dispensers across the globe. In year 1938 after nearly 30 years, there are inventors who then introduced those water coolers that feature electric-powered machine to chill the water alone. Of course, the market nowadays is offering countless of available products and brands of water coolers or dispensers.

In year 1972, the Haws Corporation invented the first known “barrier-free” electric-powered water cooler and only in year 1990 when they recognized the unit fully after the American with Disabilities Act passage that year.

From the information shared through, it appears that the idea of Halsey Willard Taylor to invent a safer drinking fountain for the public is part of his dedication to the death of his own father. He actually died caused by typhoid fever because of the unclean supply of their water back then. Because of this, Halsey had thought about giving the public with quality water to drink such as in different companies, school institutions and public structures.

According to the published information also, the first invented refrigerated water cooler looks like a bulky standup unit and to cool the water, it features a beltdriven ammonia compressor. Unfortunately, this kind of equipment is hefty and so people have trouble moving it from one place to another that time.

With an effort to provide the most convenient water-drinking dispenser or fountain for many students, they invented the wall-mounted water coolers and designed for various school institutions that suit the needs of the students. As years pass by, Halsey Taylor and Haws decided to develop water coolers or drinking fountains that do not consume much space.

They invented new units that suit well in different hallways, hospitals, corridors and other building structures where they setup them.

In year 1980, the development of the available drinking fountains and coolers continues and the world is revealing more units that are impressive. In addition, there are manufacturers that began to produce water coolers and drinking fountains with interesting designs, features, shapes and appearing more practical the use than the conventional ones.

Since the invention of the first patent drinking fountain, the available drinking fountains and water coolers now had grown immensely because many people are using them on a regular basis. In addition, these are now among the popular cooling machines with advanced technological as well as safety features for the benefit of all the users.

The world has considered them as important and essential units for public use. To date, the Haws Corporation remains as one of the most competitive manufacturers in history.


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