The First 2-Wheeled Micro Scooter Invented by Win Ouboter

Do you have a micro scooter? Are you enjoying using it and does it really benefited you so far? Well, these are actually two interesting questions that you often ask and it is easier to provide the right answer if you have one.

Before we talk about the responsible person in creating such riding equipment, it is best to determine the exact functions of the micro scooters. According from the shared information online about these mini devices, these are very useful for both adults and children for the purpose of entertainment as means of transportation.

It does not actually necessary if a rider is using will travel in a short or long distance, this type of 2-wheeled scooter is helpful enough to reach the point of destination. However, this is often a favorite entertainment small device for short distance traveling or when roaming around the park or community.

Let us now talk about the interesting history of the micro or kick scooters. According to the published data through, Win Ouboter invented the first micro scooter in 1997. Based on the information on why he decided to invent this type of kickboard device to reach the Sternen Grill by not walking on foot.

He did not want to ride a bicycle or drive a car and so he invented such device.

At first, the micro scooters failed to impress many people because some people consider them as a non-friendly to children. This is perhaps the reason why he needed to junk his invented prototype-scooter inside his garage. Fortunately, the son of his neighbor found his invention and utilized it for leisure purpose and this changes the negative concept about it.

With the great idea of Janine (Win’s wife), she encourage Win to produce the kickboard scooters and the first unit they invented is the 2-wheeled Micro scooter. After the successful production, they were able to hit the market by storm in year 2000 wherein people had begun investing for the unit.

They recognized their company as the Micro Mobility Systems Ltd. (Micro) and based in Switzerland founded in 1999. They produced a quality urban solution with the invented kick-scooter and many people instantly acknowledge it on the market. The couple had no idea that they exceeded their expectations because of the remarkable acceptance of Micro scooters worldwide.

Despite the success of the company, some companies decided to replicate the original Micro Scooters and they produced imitation units with cheaper price ranges. With this kind of abusive mindset, people started to invest for the cheaper scooters, but later on regret because they break easily and low in quality.

Due to the frustrations caused by the inexpensive and low-quality produced fake Micro scooters, the industry of scooter making experienced a huge blowout. Many people felt disappointed and so they do not want to invest their money because they think all of the available units or scooters are not satisfying and useless.

This kind of blowout or downfall seriously affected the production of Micro that time. On the other hand, Win and his company managed to find the best solutions and methods to create their units even better. They focused on producing quality and sustainable scooters with great features.

Today, it continues to become the most competitive scooter manufacturer in the world and producing millions of units for worldwide market.

As detailed through Wikipedia, Micro Mobility Systems is also producing electric car and presented it in public last year during the Geneva Motor Show.  They recognize the car as the Microlino and it features the appearance of the 1950’s Isetta bubble car with electric-powered engine.

Without any doubt, the first invented micro scooter of Win Ouboter truly gave way to the popularity of hundreds if not thousands of different scooters across the globe.


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