The First Rapid Fire Machine Gun in History – Gatling Gun

The history of firearm is very interesting and rich without any controversy. According to history, the first utilized guns might originate from countries like Europe, Middle East as well as in China. People that time are using such equipment as defense mechanism for military purposes, especially during the war.

If we discuss about the speed of fire, history revealed that the first rapid fire machine gun is the Gatling gun and invented by Richard J. Gatling back in year 1861 and obtained the patent license on November 4, 1862. This inventor is actually a doctor in the United States and the Union Forces made use of the guns he invented during the 1860s American Civil War.

This is also the first time the employed the Gatling in combat fighting.

The Gatling gun is a kind of firearm that gave the solution when loading because it is a hand-driven tool with reliable and sustainable firing capacity. Based on the information shared through Wikipedia, it featured a multi-barrel system, with cooling and synchronized reloading when firing the gun for full sequence. When it reaches the middle point of the cycle, it releases a single shot and ejecting the bullet cartridge after completing the round.

Afterwards, it then allowing the barrel to reduce the heat and loading a new set of round with the higher percentage speed of fire.

Richard Jordan Gatling is an American doctor who made a decision to invent the historic Gatling gun. That time, he actually chose not to become a medical doctor and went on fulfilling his interest about innovation for functional machines. He has the capacity because of his remarkable background as a worker in a company that produces steamboat propellers and various agricultural devices.

When the Civil War transpired, this inspired him to invent weaponry.

While developing his own crop-planting equipment, his knowledge pushed him to begin thinking about creating a gun (prototype device). The American doctor did not stop his vision to produce helpful tools, which people can use for different warfare strategies like in hand-to-hand combat. He wanted something that can eliminate the need of sending countless of military personnel and limiting the result of casualties during war.

Unfortunately, the Civil War had many victims between the disputes of all brothers across the globe during that time.

Going back to the first rapid fire gun in history, Gatling achieved a great recognition with the Gatling gun and this led to the continuous advancement of the firearms technology, into a unique era nowadays. Even though the world had seen impressive and modern inventions at that point in time, the ideas of this American inventor provided the best catches to the formula of gun making.

Because his invention produce continuously firing, it is easier for the user to perform manual intervention and assuring dependability when using the gun. Although they never recognized this gun a fully automatic weapon and looking like a semi-automatic machine, it remains a very useful tool for men and remained a historical invention to date.

With the advent of the different types of weapons and firearms now, they already decommissioned the invention of Gatling. However, it did not left the stage permanently because the designs of the existing multi-barrel firing machines somehow resemble the first speed-firing gun in the world.

Surely, the technology these days is advancing faster and so the weaponries of the United States military are becoming innovative. The Gatling gun however had made an impressive mark in the world because it became the first-ever hand cranked or rapid firing machine gun in the history of firearm.


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