The First Registered Belgian Chocolate – Côte d’Or by Charles Neuhaus

According to history, the beginning of chocolate is very interesting and rich that started back in the 1900 BC. During that time, the Aztecs are drinking fermented beverages made of cacao seeds (known as the main source of chocolate) and considered these seeds as Quetzalcoatl’s special gift, as detailed through Wikipedia.

The kind of chocolate beverage they drink before taste concentrated and bitter, which is a combination of corn puree and natural herbs. They said that people during the Mesoamerican era considered such beverage as an Aphrodisiac because it gives them unique strength and masculinity.

The history of chocolate making evolved from the past many years and if we discuss about the first registered Belgian chocolate is the Côte d’Or and the person responsible for creating this now popular chocolate products is Charles Neuhaus as early as the 1883. This type of chocolate is one of the most in-demand products in the different grocery outlets and stores in Belgium and running one of the biggest chocolate factories in the country.  From the information shared about it, the founder himself acquired the name through the place then known as Golden Coast (now recognized as Ghana in Africa).

This is actually the country where the first cacao beans they use originate.

Looking at the authentic logo of this chocolate brand, it utilized an animal known as an elephant that is standing and with an upturned trunk that symbolizes the origin of the beans, which is Africa. Since they founded the company in 1883, it became one of the most popular and chosen brand of chocolates from millions of people worldwide.

In one of the post stamp of Ghana dated 1943, they use the same elephant logo with a palm tree behind it and this makes it symbolic to the country.

The company had been in existence for the past 135 years, but there are remarkable changes happened to it despite the great recognition. In year 1987, Neuhaus made a decision to sell it to Jacobs Suchard and in year 1990, he decided to sell the company again to Kraft General Foods. After nearly two years, Kraft then made an agreement with the Mondelez International and this is now the present owner of the Côte d’Or.

According to the recorded data about chocolate consumers in Belgium, nearly 600 million products of Côte d’Or are consumed every year in this country alone.

The industry of chocolate making in Belgium started back in the 19th century and this is one of the most prominent business venture for countless of Belgians. Likewise, the different available products they offer are continuously grabbing the attention of worldwide consumers, especially those who are visiting the country.

As detailed through, before the success of Belgian chocolates, the country had experienced trouble dealing with Congo and it needed to overcome the issue before it was able to bring cacao seeds in the European region back in 1880s. Because the people of Belgium showed enough interest to creating and producing quality chocolate products made from authentic cacao beans, they become the most trusted people in the world in this particular industry.

Belgians are like skilled engineers when it comes to preparing, cooking and packing the available products they sell on the market. They utilize delicate procedure to complete the process with care and produce different types of delectable sweet treats for worldwide market.

Going back to Charles Neuhaus, this famous Belgian chocolate maker achieved great recognition in year 1912 when he successful develop a process to make chocolate shells known as “Pralines.” From here, his company was able to produce chocolates with different fillings such as fruits, hazelnuts, creams and nougats, among others.

Since the introduction of the first registered Belgian chocolate, more and more chocolate manufacturers started to produce their own products today and serving millions of chocolate lovers out there.


Credit image: Belgian Chocs

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