The First Woman Olympic Wrestling Champion in India – Geeta Phogat

We all know that wrestling is one of the most dangerous and interesting sports in the world today. However, some of us are not yet familiar that this is actually one of the oldest sporting events in history because even before the Roman Empire, they had been performing wrestling matchups that time.

This is the reason why the shared information about wrestling includes the ancient Roman Olympics where it featured the Greco-Roman wrestlers, freestyle wrestlers and folk-style wrestlers. These types of wrestlers execute differing styles when they move and wrestle that usually involve the right techniques to win the competition.

When talking about history in Olympic wrestling, perhaps one of the most interesting stories goes to Geeta Phogat who became the first woman Olympic wrestling champion from India during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Geeta that time won the first gold medal recognition for her country and she definitely made a remarkable history in the world.

According to the information about her great achievement as an Indian wrestler, she also became the first-ever female wrestler in India to qualify for the Olympic Summer Games.

Prior to winning the first Olympic gold medal, the native of Haryana in India already won the gold medal for the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship in December of 2009, held in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Based on the published information through, Geeta Phogat is an appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in India and when she fought at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 held in New Delhi, she competed for the 55-kilogram woman freestyle category.

During that time, she is only 27 years old and successfully defeated her opponent Emily Bensted of Australia to win the first-ever gold medal for India in the women’s wrestling category. Geeta did not stop in reaching her goal to become a successful wrestler in the world and in 2012; she is the only woman wrestler from India who qualified to compete for the London Olympics.

That same year, she was able to win more medals because she competed for the 2012 World Wrestling Championships (Canada) and won bronze medal in her name. Geeta likewise competed for the Asian Wrestling Championships on that same year, but again managed to bring home the bronze medal that time.

If we talk about some of his remarkable achievements in her fruitful career as a professional wrestler, these include the following as detailed through Wikipedia:

  • Gold Medal – 2009 Commonwealth Championship in Jalandhar
  • Gold Medal – 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi
  • Gold Medal – 2011 Commonwealth Championship in Melbourne
  • Gold Medal – 2012 FILA Asian Olympics Qualification Tournament in Astana
  • Bronze Medal – 2012 World Championships in Strathcona County
  • Bronze Medal – 2012 Asian Championships in Gumi
  • Silver Medal – 2013 Commonwealth Championship in Johannesburg
  • Bronze Medal – 2015 Asian Championships in Doha

All of these medals came as she represented India in all competitions.

If there is another interesting story to talk about with the first woman Olympic wrestling champion from India, this is include the beautiful story of her sisters. As detailed online from reliable sports websites, the Phogat sisters are all popular wrestlers in different categories who won medals in various wrestling competitions.

Aside from Geeta, her sisters namely Babita, Priyanka, Ritu, Vinesh and half-sister Sangita are all champions in their own ways. Thanks to the patience and courage of their father Mahavir Singh Phogat for raising all her daughters properly and making them winners in the world of wrestling.

With the kind of attention they got from the media, these Phogat sisters became popular not only in India, but across the globe as well.


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