The First Condensed Milk in the United States – Borden Condensed Milk

Many of us truly love to eat different types of sweet treats while staying home or when dining outside. On the other hand, some of us always think about budget-friendly food choices to save money and enjoying what we eat. If we talk about the favorite of many children, teenagers or even grownups out there, this definitely include the combination of a plain white bread and stuffed with creamy condensed milk.

For the past years, many people across the globe truly appreciate the creaminess and flavor of eating condensed milk with bread or when preparing various desserts like fruit salad, graham balls, pastries and cakes, among others.

Did you know who invented the first condensed milk in the United States? Do you recognize the exact brand name and on when they invented it?

According to history, the man who invented the first-ever condensed milk in America is Gail Borden Jr. who hails from Norwich in Chenango County, New York. However, he made a decision to settle Colorado County in Texas (year 1829) until the time he died after succeeding to his invention and established a fruitful company.

During his prime, Gail is a popular surveyor of property, an inventor, businessman, philanthropist as well as publisher from a newspaper that time even before he invented the first American-based condensed milk in 1853. Prior to succeeding to his plan to patent, his own milk processing; he waited until 1856 before receiving the American and British Patent for his invention.

As detailed from the shared information through, he decided to give up on his meat biscuit production and focuses in producing quality condensed milk. Unfortunately, he still failed to convince the people that time because after opening a factory in year 1856 in Connecticut, he still did not succeed and repeated his plan in 1857 but unsuccessful again.

With the help of a financer from New York named Jeremiah Milbank, Borden got an interesting support to backup his plan in1858 to establish a Connecticut-based factory for his condense milk. After failing for a couple of years, he finally succeeded during the Civil War that influenced greatly the higher demand for condense milk that year, his sales and production improve as part of his plan.

The U. S. Army showed interest to the condensed milk, which is then the business of his father whom they contracted to provision the milk to the Union Army.

With his continuing success for the Borden Condense Milk, he was able to add more factories in Connecticut again, Illinois and two in New York. Later on, he obtained added licenses to operate in Maine and Pennsylvania that truly boosted his popularity.

Aside from the first-ever condense milk he invented in the US, Gail is also a pioneer in inventing condense processing for meat, coffee and fruit beverages.

There are recorded data showing that the Borden Condense Milk originally came from Hamlet of Wallkill. On the other hand, the most interesting data is that Gail Borden Jr. established his first factory for this type of milk in Burrville, Connecticut.

In year 1858, this can prove this because both Milbank and Borden combined their ideas to achieve success in establishing “The New York Condensed Milk Company,” which replaced the existing “Gail Borden Jr. and Company” that time. The change of name materialized when he decided to live in New York already.

Borden died in January 11, 1874 at the age of 72, as detailed online in Colorado County, Texas and they named the place after his name to honor his remarkable legacy. Despite his death, he made a mark in history for inventing the first condensed milk in the United States and possible across the world.

To date, the company of his family remains in existence and continuously achieving success.


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