The First American to Orbit the Earth – John Herschel Glenn Jr.

Whether we admit it or not, thousands if not millions of people out there want to visit the outer space to witness the different planets, especially the Earth. This kind of dream is actually more than just watching the glittering stars in the sky during nighttime. Unfortunately, only few people can have the opportunity to travel in outer space to explore the beauty of the universe.

If we talk about history, one of the most interesting stories includes the life and achievement of American John Herschel Glenn Jr. Did you recognize him or knew his greatest achievement? Well, John Glenn is the first American to orbit the planet Earth back in February 20 1962.

According to the information published through online, this is the year when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made a decision to launch a historical flight involving the United States. NASA that time is eyeing to send someone in outer space to orbit the Earth and determine if he can survive as well as return home without any harm.

Of course, the man they chose during that time is no other hand John Glenn who afterwards recognized as a national hero of the United States because of completing his mission. On the other hand, Glenn likewise experienced unwanted issues before he was able to complete his orbit and he luckily abandoned the spacecraft through the automatic control system when an unforeseen yaw attitude clogging manifested.

Despite of this incident, he achieved his goal to become the first American to orbit the Earth and the thirst astronaut of the United States to go outer space.

Prior to orbiting the Earth in 1962, Glenn needed to undergo the conducted trainings and testing through participating in the first-ever group of astronauts who will become members of the Manned Space Program of NASA known as the “Project Mercury.” Every participating astronaut need to pass the set criteria before they can join the complete group to go out in space.

As expected, John Glenn passed all the requirements and met the criteria set by NASA and this gave him the best opportunity to prove his worth as a dedicated astronaut of United States. The country recognized him as the first American astronaut and he successfully launched the “Friendship 7” spacecraft, which he utilized to orbit the Earth.

From the information shared through, Glenn is also a Lieutenant Colonel in real life serving for the US Marine Corps. He is also a known engineer, an aviator and won the senatorial election in Ohio. Right before he became an astronaut for NASA, he is as well one of the prime pilot of jet fighter during the World War II and one of his remarkable accomplishments is when he managed to shot at least 3 MiG-15 airplanes down, as detailed online.

Going back to his achievement for becoming the first-ever man from the US to orbit the living planet, then President John F. Kennedy hailed him as a national hero of the country on February 23, 1962. The American leader met with him at the Cape Canaveral that time to receive such lifetime recognition.

John Glenn did not stop in making history because in 1998, he again marked his name in the world for becoming the oldest human being on earth to travel in the outer space again. NASA that time gave him a go signal to work as the payload specialist of the “Discover” space shuttle on October 29, 1998. Because of his who is then 77 years old already, he made a decision to end his career as one of the astronauts of NASA after the project.

He also become a long-time senator of Ohio finishing almost 4-term from December 24, 1974 until January 3, 1999 and then retired. Glenn died on December 8, 2016 at the age of 95, as published through Wikipedia.


Credit images: Getty & NASA



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