The First Shopping Mall in London – Royal Exchange

We all know that London is one of the best places to visit while touring in England. I believe that regardless of the purpose on why we visit this place, it can make a huge difference one we experience a remarkable vacation stay here. Of course, London is among the most popular destinations for worldwide tourists when it comes to natural views or landscapes.

If we discuss about historic places or landmarks in London, one of them include the luxurious Royal Exchange built in 16th century through the effort of Richard Clough by convincing Thomas Gresham (a known merchant that time). When talking about the most interesting story of this structure, it is actually the first shopping mall in London that they opened in public officially back in January 23, 1571 (that is almost 446 years ago).

The most important personality who headed the grand opening day is no other than Queen Elizabeth I and making it a historic building not only in England, but across the globe as well.

As detailed through, the Royal Exchange boasts hundreds of top quality and expensive brands suchlike Paul Smith, Gucci, Tiffany & Co, Jo Malone, Georg Jensen, Bremont, Crockett & Jones, Carl Friedrik and Aspinal of London, among others to mention from the list. Likewise, this home the most luxurious and sophisticated watches made from Switzerland.

Based on the information shared by Wikipedia online, the idea of Richard Clough is the create something that will serve as the primary commercial establishment of the City of London and this is the reason why he suggested Gresham to begin the project. The area they use for this historical shopping center came from the City of London Corporation and Worshipful Company of Mercers.

Despite being a historic landmark in the UK, the structure needed to undergo renovations after a massive fire incident destroyed the building before. They rebuild it twice and during the 1840 renovation, William Tite conceptualized the new design of the mall and it still existing until today. The current owner is the Oxford Properties Group Inc. after acquiring the Royal Exchange in 2013.

They actually reopened it as an extravagant retail outlet in the city in 2002.

Found in the heart of London City, this popular shopping center is one of the most visited destinations because it offers different luxurious boutiques, exclusive fine dining restaurants, café outlets, cocktail bars, business establishments and more.

If we talk about the most exquisite and luxurious coffee outlets here, this is definitely the Grand Café because of featuring the Threadneedle Bar that serve the best cocktails and beverages. Another interesting factor about this place is that is boast The Gallery, which serve different luxurious dishes prepared by Stefano Leone, as detailed by online.

Leone is the famous Executive Head Chef of The Gallery.

Without a doubt, visiting England is not complete unless tourists did not spend time unveiling the historic and first shopping mall in London, the Royal Exchange.

As expected, there are also different beautiful landmarks and destinations to enjoy while staying in England. Just like the British Museum, The National Art Gallery and The Tate Modern, these are great places to explore to unveil the most stunning artworks in the country. There are well different recreational parks, amusement centers, botanical gardens and even the most popular musical theaters in the world. This is the reason why more and more tourists are including London in their dream destinations for a remarkable vacation getaway.

Surely, enjoying the City of London is one of the best experiences for a memorable stay in the beautiful United Kingdom and meeting its great people.


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