The First Battle Tank in the World – British Mark I Tank

The World War I (WWI) is one of the most intriguing battles in the world because this is involved different nations in beginning to think about the improvement of their defense and equipment to fight against their rivals many years ago. Of course the WWI is the beginning of showing the first battle tank in history. This is a type of armor equipped with mechanized warfare to fight in the war.

According to history, they introduced the first battle tank on September 1915 by the British Army and named it Mark I Tank. They utilized almost 32 of these types of tanks during the Somme Battle back in 1916 to penetrate the boundary of Germany as part of the plan. From the shared information online through, William Foster & Co. constructed the first tank and even nicknamed it as “Little Willie” during that time.

The Landships Committee initially named the first tank as “Landships” and later on produced more of the units and recognized them as “Tanks.” However, the committee needed to hide the assembled battle tanks for security reason. Because William Foster designed the vehicles like a replica of a steel water tank, they decided to finally call them as “Tanks.”

Because of the continuing fight or land battle that time, the armies needed to rely more on the units as their main weapon in winning the war. During the World War II, it appeared that our advancing technology likewise improve the weapons they use for the battle and that includes the improvement of the battle tanks. These warfare vehicles featured more significant features, better designs and advanced weapons that made them more vital during wars.

The history itself likewise revealed that from the first Mark I Tank, different nations had created their own tanks and came out with different sizes, capacities and names. To date, there are not small, medium, heavy, cruiser, destroyer, assault, main battle and super heavy tanks across the world. They all use these vehicles during wars ort battles to provide enough land power.

Going back to the first battle tank in the world, it weighs about 28 tons, featured 4 hotchkiss machine guns, a pair of 6-pound guns, can move about 3.7 mph and with eight personnel operating on it. During that time, the British Army became more dominant because they have deployed several of these tanks to help them conquer the battlefield.

Although there are some issues about the produced Mark I battle tanks in 1916, they were able to improve the flaws and introduced the more developed units known as Mark IV, which they used in 1917 during the Battle of Cambrai. France utilized almost 400 of these vehicles and successfully apprehended almost 100 weapons and 8,000 troops from their enemies.

According to the information of the British Mark IV battle tank, it weighs about 29 tons, operated by 7 personnel, with 5 machine guns (.303) and can move about 4 mph. The overall length is about 26 ½ feet, about 13 ½ feet in width and 8 feet in height.

From the World War I until the World War II, there are different countries had involved to these battles such as the United States, Germany, France, Australia, China, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Russia and Canada, among others. Even though there are now laws that strictly prohibit wars and the creation of deadly weapons like nuclear powers, some countries had been trying to establish their own supremacy in this world.

This is also one reason on why since the introduced of the first battle tank in 1915, we continue to see interesting but scary developments in terms of the weapons they produce that can seriously damage this planet. Nevertheless, we are all hopeful that there will be no war again.


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