The First Elected Youngest US President – Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

Do you know who the 26th President of the United States is? How did he make it to become part of the history of America for being one of the top leaders in this progressive country? Well, these are just two of the most important questions in identifying the man who became an intriguing leader of the United States despite his young age.

If we talk about the 26th US President, he is no other hand the great Theodore Roosevelt and the world likewise recognized him as the first elected youngest American President at the age of 42. On this, he is the youngest ever-elected president of the most powerful nation in the world.

Although he became the leader of American at 42 years old, Roosevelt is not actually a newbie in the world of politics because when he is 23 years old, they already elected him as a legislator for the New York State. At this young age, he became the youngest lawmaker of a state in history.

Born Theodore Roosevelt Jr. on October 27, 1858 in New York City, he is the 2nd child of Theodore Roosevelt Sr. (a known philanthropist and an entrepreneur) and Martha Stewart “Mittie” Bulloch (a known socialite).  As a child, he needed to survive his life against a serious ailment (Asthma) that made him struggle and keeping his overall health weaker all the time.

His family nearly lost him because of suffering from serious Asthma even before reaching his 5th birthday and luckily he survive through the effort of his family, especially his father who did not give up in finding ways to help the young Theodore defeat his ailment.

At the age of 11, he needed to think about the suggestion of his father to consider improving his lifestyle to help him defeat his annoying health condition and he engaged himself to proper exercises. Through his effort and perseverance, he was able to cope with his Asthma and improved the wellness of his chest effectively.

According the information shared through Wikipedia, Theodore needed to spend more time at home to study with the help of his parents and acquired tutors for his home schooling. Even though he is a bright student when it comes to biology, history and geography, he is not keen to studying classic languages and math.

On September 27, 1876, he got an opportunity to study at the Harvard College and his loving father gave him the best advice to take good care of his moral values, his health and his studies to achieve his goal. Nearly 2 years after, the first elected youngest US President felt the pain of losing his father who died unexpectedly.

He needed to overcome such pain and made a decision to pursue his dream.

Because of his determination, he became active in the politics and this led him to succeed and serve as the leader of America from September 14, 1901 until March 4, 1909. He preceded President William McKinley and succeeded by President William Howard Taft.

Aside from being the youngest president of America, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. likewise served, as the 25th US Vice President, 33rd New York Governor, became Navy’s Assistant Secretary and an Assembly Minority Leader in New York, among others to his achievements.

After leaving the White House as the 26th US President, he enjoyed life with his loved ones. In year 1912, he made a decision to oppose William Howard Taft of the Republican Party and established the Bull Moose Party (known as Progressive Party also).

The good American leader perished on January 6, 1919 in New York and according to the recorded data about his death, he died because of Pulmonary Embolism at the age of 60.



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