The First Horse Racing Venue in Great Britain – Newmarket

If you get a chance to learn about the history of horse racing, this is one of the oldest recorded sporting event in ancient countries like Syria, Babylon, Greece and Egypt, among others.

Even the legends of the Roman Empire competed through Chariot racing wherein they use a horse to pull the Chariot such as the primitive Greek Olympics back in 648 BC.

The rules for horse-racing did not change that much because it is all about the competing horses that highlight their speed, endurance and thinking to run as fast as they can in reaching the finish line after completing the required laps. All the horses have professional riders who pull the connected harness in controlling the speed and maneuvering the right direction effectively.

When talking about the first horse racing venue in Great Britain, history revealed that the most popular place is Newmarket. According to the shared information through, from 1660 to 1685 the King Charles II made a decision to have races of two horses in an open area or private racing course in Newmarket.

The King offered the winners with prizes as their awards and the rest is history.

The popularity of this first venue for horse races continues because in year 1750, the elite people in this type of racing decided to meet here and established the Jockey Club. This particular club intended to supervise and manipulate the horse races in the country. With their implemented new guidelines for racing horses, they were able to do what they want and even allowed the existing racecourses to have races that adhere to the guidelines.

In year 1814, they had the best line up of races such as The 2000 Guineas, The St. Ledger and The Epsom Derby. All of these races provided a great opportunity for those who own fillies and colts by competing on the available categories, based on their horses.

To date, the Jockey Club managed to keep some of the mentioned races and making Newmarket as the capital horseracing venue in England for the past many years now.

As detailed through the, this historical place for horse races has two interesting racecourses namely the Rowley Mile Course and July Course. The first one has a bigger field and racing track utilized during spring and autumn, while the other option features decent course utilized every summer time.

From the shared information also, the likewise has a third racecourse that they use during a special event known as Newmarket Town Plate. They recognize this as the Round Course and utilized only once in a year.

In Great Britain alone, horse racing is actually the second most popular sporting events in the country and established many years ago. According to the recorded data, this particular race already accumulated billions of dollars in the economy of England and even the members of the Royal Family are enthusiastic about it.

When it comes to the best breed of horses in the country use for racing, the Great Britain is home of the famous English Thoroughbred because they originate here. Since between the 17th and 18th centuries, the Britons are very popular in terms of producing top quality breed of horses for different line of races.

The first horse racing venue in Great Britain is under the ownership of Jockey Club Racecourses and opened back in 1667. The exact location is at Suffolk in England and it remains in existence for the past 351 years now.

Of course, people who come to Newmarket do not just bet in horse races because this remarkable place is also home of the best restaurants, historic landmarks and beautiful tourist destinations.


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