The First Electric Walking Bicycle – Lopifit Bike

If you think about an idea to purchase a new bicycle or bike, you might want to consider getting an electric one. Well, electric bicycles nowadays functions the same as normal bikes except they use electricity to power a small-sized motor to run convenient without pedaling.

For many people who are using and enthusiastic about electric bicycles, they surely know the great advantages to invest one. One of which include an opportunity to use a unit that is environmental-friendly and beneficial for your overall health.

When talking about remarkable and historical creations, we can simply include the first electric walking bike in the world known as the Lopifit. According to the information posted through, this amazing bicycle is an invention of Bruin Bergmeester back in 2012 and also popular as the treadmill bike because it looks similar to a typical treadmill, but it moves like a bicycle with a pair of wheels on it.

The idea of Bruin is to create something that he can utilize while spending time at the park during weekends and nighttime. He thought about a smart invention on how to use a treadmill outside his home and if it is possible to include wheels on it.

With this kind of impressive mindset, he came out an historic invention for creating the first-ever lopifit system that features both a treadmill and a bicycle.

Since then, his invention became popular worldwide and now continuously attracting more people who desire to own one. The first distribution of the initial units happened in Holland and later on began to distribute in other nations like United States, Caribbean region and in the United States, among others. As stated by Bergmeester, the function of his invention deal with his motto “no more effort to walk than a walk in the park” using the first electric walking bicycle in the world.

Surely, the feeling while you ride a bicycle lets you experience the wind that blows through your body and hair. Not to mention the pedaling of your feet that is something many riders appreciate when outside. With the availability of the different electric bikes and the treadmill-like bicycles, it is easier to reduce much energy than riding a normal bike especially when traveling farther.

Moreover, these latest invented units can save many people enough money like those who are resorting to driver their car and heading to their workplace. Because this kind of bike does not emit damaging fuels in urban areas, it is easier to ride one and enjoy roaming around the park.

More and more people believe that investing a motor functioning bicycle takes away the extreme physical stress of a normal bike and assures great health benefits for the riders. This happens because an electric-powered bicycle comes with interesting pedal assist with a functioning motor to move faster and reducing the need of pedaling with your feet longer.

Meaning, you are still pedaling like when riding a normal bike but the included motor with electricity gives an extra boost to move faster without extreme sweating and feeling exhausted. You actually enjoy the speed you desire and at the same time exercising on your way. This is the reason why many people worldwide find an idea of riding an electric bike more enjoyable than riding a typical bicycle.

Although it requires a little adjustment when using one from the beginning like when riding a Lopifit electric walking bike, you will get use to it and exerting less energy than pedaling continuously.

From the information shared through, this innovative bike features a 350-W lithium ion battery (Samsung made) that can generate a powerful electricity to move up to 30-50 miles. This is actually more impressive than any electric bike out there.

Regarding its weight, it weighs about 125 pounds and this is somehow heavy.


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