The First Instant Coffee in History – “Coffee Compound” in Great Britain

Nowadays, we can easily say that there are millions of coffee lovers and drinkers worldwide and they continue to increase because of the development we discover, in terms of producing flavorful and high quality coffee brands on the market.

Of course, there are actually different questions on why millions of people love this kind of beverage and how to drink it. We may also show interest to learning about the first nation with safe coffee production and consumption. This is certainly important to help us understand how they process the coffee and sold for worldwide market.

To know more about the remarkable story of this popular beverage, did you know that the “coffee compound” is the first-ever instant coffee in history? According to the recorded data about this coffee, the Britons were the first to introduce it back in 1771. During that time, the government of Great Britain granted the approval to patent the first instant or soluble coffee in the world. After the “coffee compound,” the rest is history because many brands of instant coffee drinks came out the market.

In 1853, the Americans introduced their own soluble coffee powder and back in the Civil War, they experiment cakes that contain this type of coffee as one of the main ingredients. They actually made the cakes and shared them to the fighting soldiers that time. In year 1890, New Zealand produced and patented its first instant coffee through the effort of David Strang.

He utilized the process “Dry-Hot-Air” as detailed through

Another interesting story is the first instant coffee of the Japanese wherein according to the recorded information; they introduced their own back in 1901 by Satori Kato. He is a known Japanese-American chemist from Chicago and he successfully achieved his objective to create a soluble coffee using his own method, which is by simply adding water to the powder and mixing it well. When Kato discovered a method utilized in creating instant tea, he applied the process to his instant coffee and patented it in year 1903.

Even though the first-ever instant coffee is Britain’s “coffee compound,” the first mass production of this kind of soluble drink began in the United States from the effort of an US-based inventor named George Constant Louis Washington in 1909. Later on, he made a decision to live in Belgium, yet his invention is already part of the coffee history.

According to the information published through, the military of America became more interested in drinking this type of powder-based beverage in year 1914 until 1918. This is particularly during the WWI and became a widely favorite drink, which they recognized that time as “cup of George” and even if the war ended, these soldiers continued drinking back home.

The evolution of instant coffee since 1771 did not stop because in year 1930, a popular company known as Nestle produced a flavorful instant coffee as requested by the Coffee Institute of Brazil. Nestle started its massive production to supply the products in Brazil and this gave way to the impressive profits they gained.

Unfortunately, the company somehow experience drawback when there is an inferior taste from the produced coffee. However, it did not stop in conducting thorough research for several years and successfully produced the right tasteful soluble coffee.

Since then, the world discovered many companies from different countries that started to develop their own methods and produced instant coffee drinks on the market. This evolution had been very successful because there are now different available instant coffee drinks from the millions of café outlets across the globe.

Of course, there are still available pure coffee beans and these are popular for those who have their own coffee maker at home.



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