The First Inventor of a Portable Fire Extinguisher – George Manby

We all know that one of the most important equipment when controlling off minor fires is a fire extinguisher. This kind of helpful equipment during emergencies can help in avoiding the fire from spreading or potential explosion.

However, this particular small fire-fighting tool also needs the approval of the fire department before any manufacturer can sell it on the market.

It is important to learn that a small fire incident can immediately trigger a huge danger and if people start to panic, they will experience a harmful situation that can even burn off all the important properties in the affected area. This is probably the reason why there are humans who thought about inventing such important fire-fighting devices for an early preventive measure.

There are actually different claims and inventors of the first ever fire extinguishers in the world, but if we talk about the first invented portable fire extinguisher in history, the inventor is George William Manby from England. His creation is the first device that featured an air compressor, it contain about 3-gallon of Potassium Carbonate and named it the “Extincteur.”

The English writer and inventor successfully made a fire-fighting tool that can extinguish the fire through releasing the substance inside the container with the help of the air compressor. This kind of invention actually became the first ever pattern of many fire extinguisher makers since 1813.

The “Extincteur” became part of the historic national fire rescue service and benefited many people in preventing small fire incidents. During that time, the popular inventor from England likewise invented a particular device that can help people who felt through the ice water or burning structures and it his idea had saved many lives. George likewise established the Manby Motors, which is a company that provides the best assistance to people who need rescue from the vessels.

As stated above, fire extinguishers had been in existence for the past many years and there are different inventors who are responsible for the success of this type of fire fighting device today.

According to his 200 BC during the ancient Romans, Ctesibius of Alexandria invented a hand-pumping device that can deliver water to help in preventing fire. In the Middle Ages era, they were able to invent the “Squirts” that can prevent fire through its applied jet water coming out from its nozzle. Back in the 1666 during the Great Fire of London, people then were able to utilize the “Squirts” to help them stop the fire.

In year 1723, history revealed that Ambrose Godfrey invented the first-ever automatic fire extinguisher with patent in England. Godfrey is a popular chemist by profession and he created a device that contains gunpowder pewter chamber and liquid. It features an important igniter with fuses and once the gunpowder exploded, it releases the solution inside the extinguisher.

From the shared information through, history likewise revealed that in 1866, Frenchman Francois Carlier successfully invented the soda-acid fire extinguisher and they initially patented in France. His creation has the capacity to release C02 gas from the mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Water Solution.

In 1881, the United States likewise patented the same kind of extinguisher under the invention of Almon M. Granger.

Surely, there are many invented fire extinguishing devices in history way back 200 BC. Different knowledgeable human beings had contributed greatly in the continuing success of this particular industry across the globe. To date, there are available fire extinguishers that release foam substance or chemical in preventing the fire and they come in different sizes, brands and qualities.

Then again, the first invented portable fire extinguisher of Englishman George Manby gave way to the great success of the many manufacturers these days in producing quality and handy fire extinguishers.


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