Also the physical layer of the Wireless LAN IEEE MAC Protocol has been described. The implementation of the Wireless IEEE MAC Protocol is. IEEE , the MAC layer has two sublayers. The lower one is the distributed coordination function, which uses an Ethernet-style contention algorithm that. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jun 18, , Devendra Bhaskar and others published Performance Evaluation of MAC Protocol for.


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Duration field is set to 0 if acknowledging a complete data frame or the final fragment in a fragment burst. Receiver address field is set to the Address 2 field transmitter address of the frame that is being acknowledged.

Retransmission from 802 11 mac protocol to destination Next, in our capture, we can observe that the same data payload is transmitted from the AP to the destination STA: Here, we see some changes in the headers: The DS bits have changed, to indicate that this frame is sent from the AP to the distribution system.

The duration is different. The addresses are different.

Quality of Service at Layer 2 (MAC) of an Wireless LAN System

We are now following the scheme in the second row in the table in the Addresses section, and the receiver and transmitter addresses are different now because the frame is going from the AP to 802 11 mac protocol destination STA, rather than from the source STA to the AP.

The sequence number is different. This number indicates where a frame belongs in the sequence of frames sent from a transmitter address, to a receiver address. Other challenges Supporting QoS in a wireless environment is a challenge not just because of the unpredictability of the wireless medium, but also because of the overheads that a mobile device in such a network will face.


A wireless device has not only to cope with but also make the best use 802 11 mac protocol the network conditions, even with varying conditions. If such a device is mobile, it has to cope with constantly changing signal quality and changing wireless parameters if it can roam between networks like supported rates, security etc.

These factors add overhead in terms of handoff between networks, which might affect real time traffic and consequently the QoS at the device.

Understanding the Wireless LAN MAC frame format

If a device is portable it will also have to cope with design restrictions like weight, power consumption and cost. Power consumption being one of the most important factors in a portable device, such devices will have to manage battery power efficiently even while maintaining the QoS and performance.

The challenge is 802 11 mac protocol provide QoS in a wireless environment because of the constantly changing nature of the network.


It is important to guarantee a set of QoS parameters; it is crucial to adapt to the QoS parameters 802 11 mac protocol can be actually delivered.

It calls for sophisticated dynamic QoS management, which must be capable of managing frequent loss and reappearance of a device on the network, and that overhead should be minimized during periods of low connectivity. All this is in contrast to a wired network, where reasonably stable presence and consistently high network quality are taken for granted.

Designing a QoS solution for a wireless system Any QoS solution would need to address a number of issues, the biggest being the inherent unpredictable nature of the wireless medium.

IEEE - Wikipedia

All scheduling algorithms must be designed keeping in mind the fact that every algorithm used must be able to adapt itself rapidly to changing network parameters.

Other factors while designing a QoS solution are, support for multimedia applications, reliability, ease of use and cost. The most time critical applications on the network today are multimedia applications, especially streaming data or high quality video. Multimedia 802 11 mac protocol not tolerant of excessive delays and jitter.