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Weiand Hi-Ram tunnel ram bottoms …. Providing suitable tooling is employed, disassembly of a bearing is not difficult Bearing Extractor.

The extractor grips should be applied to the sidewall of the inner ring to the stripped, or to an adjacent part. Grease must abnt nbr 5984 applied correctly and in sufficient quantity as both insufficient or excessive greasing are harmful.

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Excessive greasing causes overheating brought about by the greater resistance caused on the rotating parts and, in particular, by the compacting of the lubricant and its eventual loss of lubricating qualities. This can cause seepage with the grease penetrating the motor and dripping on the coils or other motor components.

A lithium based grease is commonly used for the lubrication of electric motor bearings as it has good mechanical stability, insoluble in water.

New bearings should not be removed from their packages until the moment of assembly. Prior to fitting a new bearing, ascertain that the shaft abnt nbr 5984 no rough edges or signs of hammering. During assembly bearings cannot be subjected to direct blows.

The aid used to press abnt nbr 5984 strike the bearing should be applied to the inner ring.

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Protect all machined parts against oxidation by applying a coating of vaseline or oil abnt nbr 5984 after cleaning. Protective varnish on machined parts should be removed soon after treating with impregnation varnish. This operation should be carried out manually without using tools.

Abnt nbr download adobe

Assemble abnt nbr 5984 a rubber headed mallet and a bronze bushing after ascertaining that all parts are perfect by fitted. Bolts should be positioned with corresponding spring washers and evenly tightened. Drying time for this mixture is two hours during which the frame should not be handled and cable outlets should be upwards.

When dry, see that the outlets and areas around the cables are perfectly sealed. Mount the terminal box and paint the motor.


WEG single phase motors, totally enclosed fan cooled degree of protection IP55 are highly resistant to bad weather, any external contamination and action and penetration of rodents, and they offer more additional advantages in relation to standard motors.

The capacitors - start and run-supply superior power factor and abnt nbr 5984 efficiency, offering significant energy saving.

The energy saving obtained by using this new abnt nbr 5984 phase motors can be calculated comparing the efficiency and power factor curves in order to know the investment payback.

These motors are built with an efficient starting method.

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The centrifugal switch mounted abnt nbr 5984 a ridig base is fitted with special steel helicoidal springs, resistant to fatigue, driven by counter-weights designed in such a way to ensure the closing and opening under minimum and maximum established speeds.

Built with high starting torque which are suitable for heavy loads. They are supplied with starting capacitor. Compressors, pumps, industrial air conditioning equipment, general machines and tooling, other industrial and commercial components requiring high starting torque. Designed with torque suitable to drive industrial machines as well as optimized breakdown torques to operate under instantaneous overload conditions.

Compressors, pumps, fans, chippers and general use machines powered by three phase network and continuous duty.

It has high starting torque, and breakdown torque approximately 3 times the rated current. Then the motor operates continuously with the main winding. The start capacitor abnt nbr 5984 present high torques.

Based on these features, this type of motor is recommended for heavy starting load and it is used for the range of output up to 3HP 2.