Link to the Accident Compensation Act More legislation can be found on the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website. Version No. Accident Compensation Act No. of Version incorporating amendments as at 1 July TABLE OF PROVISIONS. Section. Where to find provisions of the Accident Compensation (AC) Act in the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation (WIRC) Bill


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This led to substantial job losses which resulted in the loss of many senior managers and experienced staff.

Interstate Links - Self Insurers of South Australia

Ms Cosgrove announced the accident compensation act 1985 of the restructure program in June after the Queens Birthday long weekend in an email to staff which describes how she had had a pleasant weekend at the spa town of Daylesford in regional Victoria and that job losses would be the product of restructuring that would begin immediately.

It took some weeks for the story to be reported. Their sudden resignations on 3 March were announced in a State Government news release were said to have been due to the loss of confidence in WorkSafe's leadership and the handling of chemical contamination of the soil and a cancer cluster at the Country Fire Authority's Fiskville training facility near Ballarat, however there had been a number of other senior officials who had also resigned since the accident compensation act 1985 election including Country Fire Authority CEO Mick Bourkeand the board of Ambulance Victoria.

In an unusual move after the resignations of Ms Cosgrove and Mr Krasnostein, Minister Robin Scott spoke to staff at WorkSafe's headquarters and re-affirmed the government's support for WorkSafe's health and safety priorities which was widely seen as having been undermined under by the previous government.

Corporate objectives WorkSafe's corporate aims are to take a constructive, accountable, transparent, effective and caring approach to all its operations.

Workplace health and safety WorkSafe employs safety inspectors based at 12 offices in Melbourne City, Dandenong, Essendon Fields, Mulgrave and regional Victoria Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura, Shepparton, Traralgon, Wangaratta and Warrnambool and conduct targeted visits based on identified high-risk industries and in response to calls where dangers are identifeid.

Workers compensation and return to work WorkSafe oversees Victoria's workers compensation system which provides financial as well as health and related support to people who have been hurt in the course of their work.

The system is funded by Victorian employers who pay a percentage of their total remuneration accident compensation act 1985 provides the insurance cover. In with increases to the average premium rates in other jurisdictions, the Victoria premium became Australia's lowest at 1.

With the Victorian state budget in Maythis position was further reinforced for June to June with a further reduction to 1.

Accident Compensation Act (Vic) - BarNet Jade

The amount paid by individual employers varies depending on their personal claims performance and that accident compensation act 1985 their industry - i. The Committee will seek clarification from the Minister concerning any possible diminution of rights of young injured workers that may arise as a consequence of this new provision.

The Committee will also seek further general information concerning the policy reasons for excluding such workers from obtaining compensation under the Act within a reasonable period after a compensable injury. The Minister's Response Thank you for your letter of 2 May in which you raised issues of concern to the Committee in relation to two provisions of the Accident Compensation Common Law accident compensation act 1985 Benefits Bill.

As you would be aware, this Bill was passed by the Parliament during the recent Autumn sittings and is Act No.


The first concerns related to the amendments made by clause 12 of the Bill. The effect of these amendments was to substitute a provision in section 65 of the Principal Act which empowers the Minister to issue guidelines as to the procedures of the Medical Panels constituted under the Accident Compensation Act In this context, the provisions of section 65 accident compensation act 1985 are also relevant.

There have been a number of appeals on administrative law grounds.

To improve the operation of the medical panels and to better enable them to take on their expanded role, the Bill makes the following accident compensation act 1985 This might suggest that the guidelines could warrant the Parliamentary oversight which the Committee is proposing. The ultimate protection in relation to these matters, for persons affected by decisions made by a Medical Panel, is judicial review by the Supreme Court.

In this context, it is not clear that the Parliament is the most appropriate forum for determining the adequacy of proposed guidelines in ensuring procedural fairness. Further, if one is considering issues of procedure and administration which do not accident compensation act 1985 issues warranting judicial review, the need for specific Parliamentary oversight seems to be open to doubt.


In any event, before evaluating the proposal in depth, I would be interested in receiving more details as to the extent of the scrutiny which the Committee is envisaging and, if such scrutiny would accident compensation act 1985 to recommending disallowance by the Parliament, on what grounds such a recommendation might be made.