Agricola Game Rules. 5 farmyards for the players (with farmyard spaces as well as 1 example on the reverse side) 3 game boards for the game actions (including one with an alternative reverse side for the Family game, as well as two examples) 1 board for Major Improvements (with a summary of scoring on the reverse side). Unofficial Agricola Rule v Book by Benjamin C Meyer ([email protected]) of Agricola, we recommend that you use the "Family Game" rules which has. The Rules for Family growth (page 5) state: Players must have room for offspring in their home before they can use this action – that is, they.


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Agricola - How to Play Agricola - Instructions, Rules, and Strategy | Board Games Pub

Having lots of family members Having lots of animals and produce Having a big house, ideally upgraded Having lots of fields, pastures, agricola rules stables Having improvements to your farm like ovens, wells, special cards, etc.

Each round players use their family members represented by large wooden discs--you start with two to claim actions. The game starts with just a few action cards laid out, and each round you add one more, so by the agricola rules there are lots of choices.


Actions can be things like collecting wood or reeds or agricola rules cow, or they can allow you to agricola rules new things on your farm like new rooms or fences. Every few rounds comes The Harvest, at which point you need to feed your family.

Each family member will need two food tokens to eat except newbornsotherwise it's negative points for you! As families grow, there are more workers to claim actions but also more mouths to feed.

And if that wasn't enough, agricola rules harvest starts coming more and more frequently near the agricola rules of the game! At harvest you can harvest your crops if you planted any and cook up your animals if you have a fire.

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Also, if you have two or more of any kind of animal AFTER eating any you may need for food that harvest they magically produce one more animal of that type. As the name would imply, the family version of Agricola rules is intended for a agricola rules game suitable for kids and adults alike.

Food Source — The early stages of the game will agricola rules your patience agricola rules you struggle to provide food for your family and work your farm. Occupations and improvement cards can make your task easier, though, so be sure to get these items into play as soon as possible. Also note that animals will be harder to come by in games with more players, so take that into account when developing your strategy.

Take Advantage of Multiple Actions — In some cases, you may have the opportunity to perform two actions instead of one. Always take advantage of this, as it can effectively give you an extra turn over the course of the game.

Increase the Size of Your Family — As soon agricola rules you can afford to feed another family member, be sure to bring a child into the world. Remember, the number of actions you can perform are based on the size of your family.

Agricola Game Rules

Weight the Value of Occupations — Playing an occupation card will cost a full action, and in some cases it may also agricola rules additional resources.

In a 3-player game, there are 4 cards, in 4- and 5-player games there are 6 cards. In solo and agricola rules games, no green Action cards are used. The purple symbol on the left side of the yellow Occupation cards shows how many players the card is used for: Cards that are not in use are removed from the game; the full deck of Occupation cards is only available in a 4- or 5-player game.

Each player is dealt a hand of 7 Occupation cards and agricola rules look through them. The remaining Occupation cards are put to one side.

Quick and Easy Agricola Rules Summary | Agricola | BoardGameGeek

Shuffle the orange Minor Improvement cards. Each player is dealt a hand of 7 Minor Improvement cards and may look through them. The remaining Minor Improvement cards are agricola rules to one side.

Place the 10 red Major Improvement cards face up on the Major Improvements board. As soon as 9 Major Improvements have been bought, the agricola rules is turned over to show the scoring overview and the remaining Major Improvement is placed on the space on the reverse of the board.

Place the grey Begging cards face-up beside the playing area. Each player takes a Summary card and places it in their playing area.