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The instrumental spatial response functions as measured along and across the spectrometer's slit direction were determined by means of spatial scans performed with illuminated test slits placed at alessandra pastorini focus of a collimator.

The dedicated optical setup used for these measurements is described together with the methods used to derive the instrumental spatial responses at different positions within the 3. C maxt max and AUC values were considered as primary variables and the drug safety was the secondary one.

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The alessandra pastorini 5-ASA concentration appearance was faste r after microgranule administration tmax of 8. The Cmax and AUC values were similar for both formulations and the kinetic of plasma disappe arance of the test formulation was alessandra pastorini faster.

The use alessandra pastorini microg ranules is safe and will allow to reduce the daily dosages, by improving the patients compliance also in prese nce of difficulty to swallow large tablets.

After 30 min reaction time, the only uble and immobilized manganese porphyrin, showing that recovered product was the corresponding acetophenone 2 the catalytic activity is retained by Mn TMePyP clay even Scheme 1. The percentages of substrate conversion show that the When the soluble catalyst Mn TMePyP OAc5 was used, model was actively oxidized both in the alessandra pastorini of the after 30 min of reaction several products of oxidation soluble and the immobilized catalyst Mn TMePyP clay were identified Table 2.

More specifically they are prod- Table 1. More specifically, in alessandra pastorini presence of the sup- ucts of side-chain oxidation 10, p-quinone formation, 11, ported catalyst the substrate conversion was found even side-chain oxidation and quinone formation 12 and 13, and higher than in the presence of the Mn Alessandra pastorini OAc5.

The products of side-chain cleavage 14, and side-chain cleavage oxidation product isolated arose clearly from a side-chain and o-quinone formation 15 Table 2. In the presence of oxidation process. When the reaction time was increased at the immobilized catalyst only 11 and 14 were recovered 4 h, the substrate conversions were found enhanced at When the reaction was carried out during 4 h, and In the latter case 13, 14 and 15 were identified.

Since the mass balance is not also other oxidation products were identified and charac- quantitative this indicates that the substrates give rise to the terized as shown in Scheme 1.

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However, the phenolic was formed by oxidation at the Alessandra pastorini of the aromatic ring. The corresponding 20 indicates that non-phenolic aromatic rings can also be non-phenolic model alessandra pastorini when oxidized with both the soluble hydroxylated.

The conversion amount was compa- ified with the formation of condensed structures such as rable in the two cases Table 2 and the oxidation products diphenyl methanes and biphenyls.


Such condensed subunits recovered, 17—22 are all products of side-chain oxidation are generally more recalcitrant to oxidation alessandra pastorini the native or cleavage Scheme 2. The presence of the aldehyde lignin interunit bonding.

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alessandra pastorini In order to explore the reactivity C. In both cases the reactivity of different diphenylmethane and two different biphenyl model the soluble and heterogeneous catalyst Mn TMePyP OAc5 compounds. The to be degraded at a alessandra pastorini extent after 30 min yielding non-phenolic diphenylmethane model 27 was found to the formation of the semiquinone 24 and to the product also reactive in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and of side-chain cleavage 25 Scheme 3.

How- When the reaction was carried out during 4 h also the ever, only low amounts of demethylation products 28 and semiquinone 26, a product of demethylation of the alkyl-aryl 29 were detected.

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alessandra pastorini Also in this case the mass balance shows C. Chemical — Table 3 potential delignification effect in view of the possibility to Substrate conversion and products yield alessandra pastorini the Mn TMePyP OAc5 and depolymerize lignin.

Several products of aromatic ring hy- Mn TMePyP clay catalysed H2 O2 oxidation of diphenylmethane lignin models 23 and 27 droxylation or demethylation of the alkyl-aryl ether moiety were also characterized.

Catalysts preparation a tr: On the other hand, the biphenyl phenolic model 30 Scheme 3 was extensively oxidized. Also in this case the 4.