The significance of the title: The book is called All Unquiet Things, but in this book everyone is keeping a secret. All Unquiet Things Summary of. Jarzab's strong debut tracks teenage Neily and Audrey's investigation of the murder of year-old Carly—Audrey's cousin and Neily's ex—in. About All Unquiet Things. A riveting thriller set at a California prep school! Carly: She was sweet. Smart. Self-destructive. She knew the secrets.


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To her credit, Jarzab has crafted a reasonably tight all unquiet things mystery and the care she has taken with her plotting, clues and red herrings shows.

Information is revealed and withheld with precision in order to keep the story taut and well paced. All Unquiet Things is an impressive mystery debut, different from many YA novels that might carry a similar theme involving rich and privileged teens who have access to as much money, drugs, and alcohol that they want.

Jarzab digs below the surface of their comfortable lives, exposing dark secrets that the students try to keep hidden. Recommended for fans of edge-of-your-seat, page-turning mysteries. What had appeared to be a family tragedy triggered by a dispute over money now threatens to expose the darker side of an upscale and privileged clique.

All Unquiet Things by Anna Jarzab |

This is a sophisticated teen mystery, more introspective than action-oriented. Told as it is through the voices of both Neily and Audrey, readers get to know as much about the troubled girl they both loved as they do the principals. The adults are well drawn, and the impact of their unresolved issues intriguing.

Less successful as a mystery than as a subtle look at family tensions and entitlement, at which it excels. All unquiet things, he is determined to somehow make it through high school and move on.

Since her father was convicted of the murder, Neily is surprised that she would come back to school. As it turns out, she is there to find out who really murdered Carly, and she is determined all unquiet things have his help.

A satisfying story from a promising new author. How did you decide that you wanted to write a mystery? The mystery chose me.

All Unquiet Things

The answer is yes. And, wow, the writing! All Unquiet Things works beautifully as all unquiet things mystery; but it is also a very strong literary work.

The writing is beautiful; but it never overwhelms the story.

My pet peeve with many a literary book is that the writing trumps the plot and characterization; here, it supports it, as it should. I want to copy paragraph after paragraph! Here, from the first few pages: But she had also all unquiet things reckless and damaged and lost, and the people she trusted to fix all of those problems had only made them worse.

I would say that Carly fell all unquiet things with the wrong crowd, but the truth is that there was no falling, no tumbling, no deceit on the part of the wrong crowd involved.