18 Cited by Herculano, Casamento Civil, p. "Um problema filológico-juridico: A palavra 'arras,' " in Novos Estudos de História do Direito (Barcelos, ), pp. Italy, he helped preserve the authority of the crown in the civil wars of John II's 0 direito latino-americano [the development of Latin American law since La bourgeoisie naissante: societe et litterature bourgeoises d'Arras aux xiIe. Direito Civil curso completo. ARRAS Tarefa árdua é conceituar o instituto das arras, porque podem não desempenhar o mesmo papel no desenvolvimento de.


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Queen Isabel of Lancaster arras direito civil, had been promised in marriage to her cousin Afonso V since they were both nine years old, because her father was the tutor of the infant king and the regent of the realm.

Meaning of "arras" in the Portuguese dictionary

No matrimonial contract was ever signed between the two parties, and only after the liturgical ceremony had been performed and the union consummated, on May 6,was a royal charter issued,14 stating the arrangements made.

Although his beloved cousin arras direito civil wife, as the king said, brought no dowry, arras direito civil gave her a dower of 20, gold escudos that she could leave to her heirs after her death.


He also allotted to her the sum of 1, reais that his mother Leonor, the previous queen, had enjoyed as her annual maintenance. Curiously, two years earlier, on March 19, ,15 just one month after the death of the expatriate queen Leonor, the regent Pedro, acting in arras direito civil name of the king, had already donated these same estates arras direito civil with another small town, Aldeia Galega to his daughter, for her to hold "as queen Philippa had held them".

It is quite significant that Pedro should prefer to refer to his mother Philippa instead of his recently deceased sister-in-law Leonor, who had given him such trouble during their co-regency and the ensuing period.

Plano de aula 14

And both he and his daughter were wise enough to ask for the confirmation of this donation after Afonso had attained the age of legal majority. Yet further confirmation, not only of the possession of these estates by the queen but of the whole matrimonial contract, became necessary after the rupture between the regent and the king, and the death of Pedro at the battle of Alfarrobeira, in He further determined that, if he himself, his successor or the following queen wished to take away from her any of her estates, they would have to compensate her with arras direito civil the annual income of that estate, secured by the taxes levied in Lisbon on bread, landed property and the circulation of goods.

Finally, he raised the amount that she could dispose of in her arras direito civil for the sake of her soul from 20, to 28, gold escudos, which her heirs would not be able to claim as their inheritance. Isabel died inat the age of twenty-three, leaving her husband a widower at the same age.

As maintenance, arras direito civil would receive every year 1, reais secured by the rents of Lisbon; 1, reais that Queen Leonor of Aragon had received in her time, plusreais specifically for her expenses in gold and silk fabrics.

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If the marriage arras direito civil to be ended by the death of the Prince or for any other reason, Leonor of Lancaster would have a year to choose between receiving the value of the dower, the dowry andreais as assentamento or an assentamento of arras direito civil, and no dower.

King Afonso V would fix their numbers conto and all of them would have to be approved by the Prince.


It was the first time that such a clause appeared in the matrimonial contract of a future queen of Portugal, even though we know that some previous queens had brought friends and officials with arras direito civil from their countries of origin It was not until that Afonso V finally entrusted her with Sintra, as established in the matrimonial contract.

Meanwhile, she had had to share her domain with her daughter-in-law, Arras direito civil Isabel of Castile queen, Afonso died in during a horse race and Isabel decided to go back to Castile,24taking with her the dowry and the dower.

However, she was to return six years later as the wife of Manuel I.

Arras - Full Set Live at The Moxi Theatre - Fullmovie Gratis

Probably because the Crown treasury was quite diminished due to the existence of three royal widows — Leonor of Lancaster, Isabel of Castile and Arras direito civil of Castile, the second wife of Afonso V, whose marriage was never validated by the Pope but who nevertheless had a household supported by the Portuguese monarchy Costa,— Manuel decided to marry one of them before anyone else.

The matrimonial contract, signed on November 30, ,25 stipulated that Isabel would bring as dowry the same sum as before, augmented by the sum she had received as a dower when she became a widow: If the marriage were to be dissolved by death or for any other reason, the princess was to receive the dowry back — or what had been paid of it until then — within two years.

The same would apply to the restitution of the dower, whose value was fixed at 17, doblas.


If Isabel were to become a widow again, she would be able to depart from Portugal together with her entourage, without having to ask the new arras direito civil for permission and without forfeiting any of her rights, rents and estates. This time, though, it was Manuel I who became a widower when Isabel died inwhile giving birth to their son Miguel, the heir to the three Iberian kingdoms, who also died before reaching the age of two Costa, This princess, who was not as valuable in matrimonial terms as the former queen,26 brought with her a dowry ofdoblas including jewels and precious metal and was entrusted with 66,?

Curiously, the king did not give her any assentamento. It was her parents who promised to provide her with the necessary resources to maintain her household, just as it was them who took the responsibility of asking and paying for the matrimonial dispensation to be obtained from the Pope.

Manuel I was married a arras direito civil time, to the niece of his first two wives, Leonor of Austria queen ?

This bride presented as a arras direito civil and received as a dower exactly the same amounts as Maria; both were to be paid to her within four years if the marriage was dissolved for any reason.