The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1: Govinda Paperback – August 15, The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1: Govinda is a story about the struggle for power, the need to reign supreme and the eternal fight for honor and love. Krishna Udayasankar published her first book The Aryavarta. I just finished reading Book 1 of Krishna Udayasankar's Aryavarta Chronicles and liked it enough to start writing this review immediately. For example, Govinda Shauri is not the lovable, incurable romantic as we all I to read Mahabharat Secrets, it's on my list, but Aryavart Chronicles is very  What was the relationship between Panchali and Govinda? Was it.


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In the spectacular, entrancing final episode of The Aryavarta Chronicles, Krishna Udayasankar's recreation of the world of the Mahabharata establishes her as a storyteller of formidable power and imagination.


Udayasankar uses lesser known names for many of her characters. Arjun is always called Partha.

Govinda (The Aryavarta Chronicles, #1) by Krishna Udayasankar

Some of the names are spelt in a manner which I assume is closer to the language which may have been spoken during Vedic times. Shikandin is not a half-man-half-woman. Rather he is a brave and fearless warrior who is misunderstood by many, including his own father.

His every dream shattered, Govinda is left a broken man. The only way he can protect Aryavarta and the woman in whose trusted hands he had left it is by aryavarta chronicles govinda a dangerous game.

The Aryavarta Chronicles

But can he bring himself to reveal the terrible secrets that the Vyasa has protected all his life — secrets that may well destroy the Firstborn, and the Firewrights with them? Aryavarta chronicles govinda Aryavarta Chronicles Book 3: I could not get past beyond a point and just gave up.

So my advice, TAC but with a warning that it is a aryavarta chronicles govinda read.

Similarly, Duryodhana is not projected as the quintessential bad guy, but rather a logical and rational person, who is torn by fate and duty. Aryavarta chronicles govinda or Draupadi is an important character in this book.

Krishna Udayasankar

There are few women that compete with the beauty of Draupadi; all those aryavarta chronicles govinda met her adored her.

Her beauty was so great that she delighted all of the human senses.


Aryavarta chronicles govinda Hiltbeitel states this of her beauty: Having read some of the works that she has used in her research, one cannot but be impressed by how she has assimilated so much research while at the same time not for a moment looking like the novel was just a mere re-mix of old tunes.

When I read the author's note at the beginning and her note on sources and methods at the end, I was not sure if this was a debutant seeking approval of her work and methods or if in some way, by presenting her hypothesis and research she expected this work to be an interpretation of the Mahabharata to impress the academics.

Krishna Udayasankar - Wikipedia

Perhaps when she reads Amitav Ghosh, who did not impress me with a similar approach in Imam and the Indian, she will realise that an author needs to allow the readers to appreciate the work for what the end product is, not for the list of ingredients or the recipe, which the discerning ones will aryavarta chronicles govinda to discover for themselves.

I do hope that she has more time and editorial resources to iron out the Indian English and have it proof read a few more times.

Perhaps I am what many call, anal, but I cannot aryavarta chronicles govinda wincing when I read "revert back" and "involuntary shiver".